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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

Select Devices for Backup

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The Device page of a job's properties lets you select the target devices to which you want to backup a job. You can select as many devices as you wish to use in a job. Yosemite Server Backup distributes the backed up files among devices as efficiently as possible.

To view available devices, select either Device view or Network view.

Use Device view to locate all devices of a particular class, such as optical or tape drives or libraries, in your network. Each device class is represented as a node at the top of a tree hierarchy.  By selecting the check box in the device class row's Use Device column, you instruct Yosemite Server Backup to back up a job's selected files to any available device in that class when the job runs.

Since Yosemite Server Backup can read and write CDs and DVDs (optical media), a large backup domain can include dozens of optical drives that are built into client computers. To view the names of each device in a class, expand the class by clicking the + sign next to the class name, Expand the name to find out which machine the device belongs to. Selecting a specific device ensures that only that device will be used in the job.

You can add devices to your backup domain without having to reconfigure your jobs.

The Network view presents the same map of your devices but from a different perspective. The Network view allows you to locate devices on specific machines. At the top of the hierarchy is the Network, below which is a list representing the supported classes of devices. For example. selecting Tape Devices configures the job to use all tape drives in the network at the time the job runs. Selecting a class of devices limits the job to backing up files to devices in that class that are available to the machine. Expanding the machine displays all connected devices, from which you can select a specific device to use with the job. 

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