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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

Media Rotation Types

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Yosemite Server Backup provides several default media rotation types. These type can be used as is or as examples for creating custom rotations.

Each media set may contain more than one tape or media. Several factors determine how much media you will need: the type of backup being performed (for example full, differential, incremental), the amount of data to be backed up during a full backup, and the media's storage capacity. If the total size of a full backup is larger than the capacity of the tape, additional tapes are required. Your historical usage is the best guide to determining how many tapes these jobs will require.

No Rotation Type

When no rotation type is selected. the user may schedule the days to run on but Yosemite Server Backup will not manage the media. The user must supply the desired tapes each time the job runs and manage the reuse of older media.

Fixed Rotation Types

Media sets are named for the interval that has been run. They follow the form [Interval ] Set [ number ] .

  • Fixed by day of week – for example, of a daily media set is "1st Monday ."
  • Fixed by week of month – for example, of a weekly media set is "1st Week of the Month ."
  • Fixed by day of month – for example, of a monthly media set is "1st Month ." An example of a yearly media set is "Yearly 1 ."
  • Fixed by day of year – for example, of a yearly media set is "First Day of Year 1."

Daily Append

This is a special rotation designed for users with a single backup device. It is the only rotation that appends data to media. It will perform a full backup on the specified day followed by daily incrementals on the remaining weekdays. At the end of the rotation, the user must insert new media for the job to use. This rotation assumes that an entire week of backups will fit on a single media.

Simple and GFS Rotation Types

These rotation types specify combinations of full and incremental backups that efficiently use a specific number of media sets. The main difference between the Simple and the GFS rotations are that only the GFS rotations specify Yearly backups.


Select this option to create your own rotation.

You can select a rotation similar to the desired rotation prior to selecting the custom rotation type and the values from the previously selected rotation will remain as a starting place. The Calendar view is very helpful when creating custom rotations.

Rotation Types Compared

Yosemite Server Backup provides a variety of media rotation types to select from. Or, you can define your own media rotation.

The following table compares the historical backups and full data recovery capabilities of each of the rotation types provided in Yosemite Server Backup.

Rotation Type# of SetsYearly SetsMonthly SetsWeekly SetsDaily Sets
Simple4 1 full1 full2 full
Simple6 2 full1 full3 full
Simple10 3 full3 full4 incremental
Simple11 3 full4 full4 incremental
Simple12 4 full4 full4 incremental
Daily AppendN (def. 4)  N full4 incremental appends
GFS202 full6 full6 full6 incremental
GFS252 full7 full8 full8 incremental
GFS302 full8 full8 fill12 incremental



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