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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

Schedule Settings

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The Schedule Settings box contains several settings that control when jobs are run and how the jobs use media.

Schedule Type

This setting is the first step in choosing when the job is to run. Once scheduled, the Yosemite Server Backup service ensures the job is started. If one or more job runs are missed because the service is not running at the scheduled time, the service determines the backup mode with the largest interval setting (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly) that was missed, and runs it.

Not scheduled  The job is run manually by the user when desired.
Run on selected days The job runs only on a selected day (or days) at a specified time. When this option is selected an additional setting, Scheduled Dates, appears.
Run repeatedly 
The job runs on a regular interval. Use this setting to set up a job with media rotation. When this option is selected an additional set of options, Interval Settings, appear.

Start Time

This setting is only visible for jobs that are to run on a schedule. It specifies the time of day that the job should start. For jobs that are scheduled to run more than once, all runs happen at the same time of day.

Rotation Type and Sets

This setting is only available when the job is scheduled to run repeatedly. The Rotation type and Sets controls allow you to specify a set of preconfigured rotations. The Custom Rotation type is a special case. It unlocks the user interface to allow the user to configure his own rotation.

Type of Fixed Rotation

This setting is only available when creating a custom rotation.

Scheduled Dates

This setting is only visible when the schedule type is set to run on selected days. It consists of a list of selected days to run the job. To add days to or remove days from the schedule, click Calendar to open the schedule calendar. To schedule the job to run on a day, right-click on the day in the calendar, and then select Daily. To unschedule a day, right-click on it, and then select None.

Interval Settings

This setting is only visible when the job is scheduled to be run repeatedly. It contains controls for specifying which types of jobs (full, incremental, or differential) are to be run on which intervals and the number of media sets that are to be used. Click Calendar to view of the schedule. The calendar displays when daily, weekly, monthly and yearly backups are to run. Clicking a day displays a message along the bottom of the dialog explaining the type of job that is to be run, the name of the media that is to be created, and whether the media is to be appended to or overwritten. To override the schedule on an individual day, right-click on the day, and then select the new backup type or deselect the day to stop the backup on that day.

It is a good idea to deselect holidays from you schedule if you do not have a tape library or if no one will be available to put the correct media into the device.

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