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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

Advanced Backup Options

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In general, the default values should be used. These options are provided only for advanced users who need to customize their backup jobs for unique circumstances.

Unless you have specific needs that require changes to the advanced options, leave the default values unchanged.

Settings for All Platforms

Eject media after use When selected, Yosemite Server Backup automatically ejects the media at the end of the backup job. This feature only works on devices that support software eject.
Auto RetensionWhen checked, Yosemite Server Backup automatically re-tensions the media at the beginning of the backup job. This feature winds the tape cartridge end-to-end, applying equal tension to the entire media for maximum media life and data integrity. Your device must support auto re-tension to use this feature.
Create DR bootable mediaSelect this option to write DR system information to the backup media. This option is only useful when the backup media is bootable as in the case of OBDR tapes or optical media. However, leaving this option checked does not hurt the backup.
Update DR information on selected machineCheck this option to generate DR system information for the selected machines. The generated system information is saved on the Domain Server and can be used later to create DR media even after a failure of the original machine.
Native data streams format Different operating systems transmit data across the network to Yosemite Server Backup in different formats. If you plan to restore files to a different operating system than the one in which they were created, the data should be stored on media in a common data format, not in the native data streams format.

Settings for Windows

Enable snapshots

By default, the backup job creates a temporary snapshot before backing up the selected file. Deselect this checkbox to disable snapshots. A snapshot freezes the volume data at a point in time. Any subsequent changes are not backed up until the next backup job. The temporary snapshots are deleted after the job has finished. If this option is off, files open during backup may not be backed up. Failure to back up open files are noted in the job logs.

Snapshots are currently implemented only on Windows platforms. Snapshots are created using Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) for those Windows editions that support VSS.

Reparse pointsCheck this option to back up the reparse point data. When this option is deselected, Yosemite Server Backup backs up the object as if it were a normal file or directory.
Mount PointsWhen selected, Yosemite Server Backup includes the mount point information in the backup. If this option is not selected, Yosemite Server Backup treats the object as a directory.
Optimize backup order by sizeIf selected, Yosemite Server Backup mixes backups of large and small files in an attempt to maintain consistent throughput to the backup devices.
Volume restrictionsWhen enabled, volume quota information is backed up.



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