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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

Running Jobs in Rotation

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The info bar displays the Current rotation set and the Next rotation set in the Rotation Details section of the info bar. Before the job is run the first time, both fields have the same value. Once the job runs successfully, the Current rotation set field displays the media that has just been used and the Next rotation set field displays the media that is to be used next.

Initial Run

The initial run of a rotation job uses the largest schedule interval in the rotation. For example, suppose a job is configured to begin a GFS 20 rotation on Thursday, October 28th, 2010. Even though a Thursday in the middle of a month would normally be classified as a Daily backup, the first time the job is run, Yosemite Server Backup performs a Yearly backup.

Missed Jobs

If, for some reason, a run of the job is missed — for example, because the domain server was offline at the scheduled run time — the scheduler determines the largest interval missed and runs it automatically a few minutes after Yosemite Server Backup starts up again.

Failed Jobs

If a job fails, Yosemite Server Backup does not automatically run it again. However, you can manually rerun the job by clicking Run in the command bar.

Pausing and Continuing a Schedule

You can stop a scheduled job from running for a period of time by clicking Pause Schedule in the command bar. To turn the scheduled job back on, click Continue Schedule in the command bar. As with initial and missed jobs, the scheduler starts again with the largest schedule interval that was skipped.

Forcing a Run

At times it may be desirable to start a job before its regularly scheduled time. To run the next scheduled interval immediately, click Run next schedule in the command bar. When its originally scheduled time arrives, the job is not run again. Forcing a job to run ahead of its next scheduled time does not affect the schedule of subsequent runs, which resume their normal schedule.

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