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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

Limitations of Disaster Recovery

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Some editions of Yosemite Server Backup do not support the Disaster Recovery feature. If your edition does not support Disaster Recovery, any job that attempts to use the feature reports the feature as unlicensed. If you need this feature, contact your reseller to purchase an edition of Yosemite Server Backup that supports Disaster Recovery.

Local Disaster Recovery (DR) operates without the benefit of the Yosemite Server Backup catalog. When it restores data it restores the entire contents of each media provided. The media can be supplied in any order but if there are incremental or differential backups on the media set along with the full backup, objects are restored in the order they are found on media and the results may not contain the most current versions of the backed-up data.

Local DR does not currently support split spanning of objects. Any objects that are split spanned on the backup media are not restorable during the DR process and must be restored after the DR process is complete. If the split objects are critical to the functioning of the system, your system may not function after the recovery process. Since there is no easy way to know which objects are split across media, it is best to clear Split File in your backup properties configuration when creating a DR backup.

Completing the Data Restore

Begin the restore with your most recent full backup media. Yosemite disaster recovery module then prompts for additional differential and incremental media.

Some data types require a component service to be running to be successfully recovered, this includes SQL and Exchange databases. These objects are skipped during the DR restore process and must be restored in a separate restore job once disaster recovery is complete.

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