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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

Using Disaster Recovery with Windows SharePoint Services

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There are two ways to recover a SharePoint Services installation after a system disaster.

Full System Backup with VSS Enabled

If you have a successful full backup of the system with VSS enabled, the disaster recovery process restores the entire system including the SharePoint Services. Your SharePoint sites should be functional after the DR process is complete. It is recommended that you enable VSS for your DR backup set to take advantage of this feature.

Full System Backup with VSS Disabled

If a full backup of the system was performed with the VSS option disabled, the WSS database is not restored because the files were open at backup. In this case, you must take further steps to complete the WSS recovery. Complete the following operations after the initial DR process successfully completes:

  1. Re-install the Windows SharePoint Services component on your system which rebuilds the master WMSDE/SSEE database; the master database is required to restore the SharePoint databases including configuration and content databases.

    You must uninstall and then reinstall SharePoint services to restore the SharePoint installation.

  2. Open Yosemite Server Backup and create a restore job to restore the WSS database.
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