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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

Using Quick Access from the Taskbar

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The Yosemite Server Backup Administrator is very powerful and allows access to all the features of Yosemite Server Backup. Typically, though, only a subset of these features are used. The Quick Access taskbar icon allows fast access to these most commonly used features without needing to open the Administrator. The Quick Access application displays an icon in the system tray, usually at the bottom right of the screen. You can mouse over the icon to display status information or right click it to display a menu.

The Quick Access starts automatically on the Domain Server. On other client machines, it is installed but does not start automatically. You can launch through the system start menu. It can also be configured to start automatically on a client machine if desired.

Viewing Yosemite Server Backup Status

The appearance of the Quick Access icon changes to indicate the state of Yosemite Server Backup, thus providing continuous feedback. Two or more states can occur at the same time, such as a job in progress and a pending alert. The icon can indicate only one state at a time, so it follows this order of precedence in which items earlier in the list take precedence over items later in the list:

Table: Icon viewing status





job_failure_icon.pngJob failure
pending_alerts_icon.pngPending alerts
job_in_progress_icon.pngJob in progress
No overlayIdle 

When you mouse over the Quick Access icon, a tool tip is displayed that contains additional status information.

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