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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

Restore a Hyper-V Backup

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You can watch a short video about restoring a Hyper-V backup.

You cannot restore individual files from backups using the Hyper-V agent; you can only restore an entire guest machine.

  1. Launch the Yosemite Server Administrator and log in to the backup domain.
  2. On the Tasks page, double-click Restore.
  3. In the New Restore Job dialog box, provide a name for the restore job.
  4. On the Properties page of the restore job, click Selection,
  5. On the Selection page, expand the master server and select the Hyper-V virtual machine icon.
  6. Select the Hyper-V host.
  7. Select the Hyper-V guests that you want to restore.
  8. In the navigation bar, click Device and select the device that contains the backup of your Hyper-V guest.
  9. Optionally, select Objects to log to Failed and not attempted in order to view everything excluded from the restore job.
  10. Click Apply and then OK.
  11. At the dialog box prompt, select Yes to go to the home folder.
  12. To run the restore, right-click the restore job, select Run and confirm your choice.
  13. In the navigation bar, click Status to view a summary of the restore job.
  14. Click OK.
  15. From Status and Logs, select the restore job to confirm that the restore jobs completed successfully.
  16. In the Hyper-V manager, stop the service and restart it,
  17. Start the machine and connect to it.
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