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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

How do I check the status of a backup job scheduled from Yosemite Server Backup?

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Solution #00003990

Yosemite Server Backup, 8.5 and above.  


There are several ways to monitor the status of a job from Yosemite Server Backup. 

Job Status View ? The Job Status view, available from the Favorites > Job Status page, provides an entry for any job that runs repeatedly. This view shows all of the jobs that are scheduled to run, jobs that have completed, and jobs that are currently running. 


Alerts ? Alerts notify you of problems during the execution of a job. New alerts are indicated by a blinking exclamation point icon in the windows taskbar and a red ALERT in the status bar of the Yosemite Server Backup Administrator interface. Alerts can be viewed from the Favorites > Alerts page or by double clicking the exclamation point icon in the taskbar, or the red ALERT text in the status bar.

Logs A detailed log is written each time a job is run. You can view the logs for a job from the properties of the job or you can view a list of all logs from the Favorites > Recent Logs page. The log includes summary information, you can specify additional information to be logged for each job from the Options > Log Options page.

  • The maximum number of logs per job is 250. Yosemite Server Backup will overwrite the oldest log when this maximum is reached.

  • Yosemite Server Backup can send an e-mail with the logs when a job has completed. For details on configuring email notifications see Solution #00003993.
Audit Logs ? When the auditing feature is enabled you can view the audit trail for each object associated with a job. The audit log collects and stores information for selected files or databases each time an action is performed. When the audit log has been enabled for a job, the Audit page is visible from the job properties window. Auditing is turned on by default for Exchange and SQL objects (at the sub-directory level).

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