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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

How do I configure Yosemite Server Backup to send email notifications for completed backup jobs?

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Yosemite Server Backup, version 8.5 and above.


Configuring Yosemite Server Backup to notify users of job status via email is a two step process. First you configure email settings for the Storage Management Domain, and then you configure Yosemite Server Backup to send notifications for each job.


SMTP is used to send email notifications from Yosemite Server Backup. The SMTP email settings need to be configured before email notifications can be sent. Although Yosemite Server Backup does not support SMTP authenticiation, you can configure a Windows Virtual SMTP Server for SMTP email servers that require a user name and password. A Virtual SMTP Server is part of Windows Internet Information Server (IIS) and is used as a proxy to your email server. Refer to BarracudaWare Knowledgebase TID#001315 for details.


SMTP Email Settings

  1. Login to the Yosemite Server Backup Administrator and go to the Administration > Configure Domain Server.
  2. Select Email Settings and enter the settings for your Backup Domain as follows:
Server address: The address of your mail server.
Server port: The appropriate SMTP port, usually port 25 (default).
From address: The e-mail address to be used in the From field for each job log e-mail. Some SMTP servers require the From address be a valid user@host address where others ignore this field.

Yosemite Server Backup can send the results of a completed job to the email address listed in the Log Options section for each job. The email notification will provide details for the job, whether the job ran successfully, or the reason why the job failed. If a job fails before it can generate a log, Yosemite Server Backup will not send the log.


Email Notification Settings

  1. Right click on a job and select Properties.

  2. Click the Options link, then click on the Log Options button.

  3. In the Email Log section of the Log Options screen, select the log format to be used for notifications (Plain Text or HTML)
  4. Enter a valid email address in the field indicating where the log should be sent. To specify several email addresses, separate each address with a semicolon.
  5. Click OK to save, and then click OK again to apply the changes to the job.

Additional Notes:

The size of this email is directly impacted by the length of the job log. In version 8.8 and higher, the Log type setting can be found by selecting Status and Logs > right-clicking a job > Properties. Then find Advanced > Options > Log Options. This setting controls how much information is recorded here. If your email is being stopped due to size, this setting would be the first to address. It is important to note that a logging mode of Log only Failed will not prevent a log from being sent. It simply means that the objects section of the job log will only individually list objects that have failed. This is the default logging mode used and is the most restrictive in the length of a job log.

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