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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

How do I configure Yosemite Server Backup to run a command during a backup job?

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Yosemite Server Backup, version 8.5 and above.



Yosemite Server Backup allows you to define pre and post commands to be executed for a backup job or for a specific server/workstation included in the job selection. The pre and post commands are often used to perform operating system or application specific tasks, such as stopping and starting a database. The details for the execution of commands are defined on the Execution page of a backup job.


Command to Execute

  • Command path. Specifies the full or relative path, to a shell command, including command parameters. For instance cmd.exe /c explorer.exe, or c:\windows\explorer.exe.

  • Run command on all hosts selected in job, as well as the Domain Server. Specifies whether the command is processed on all machines selected in the job or only on the Domain Server.

  • Number of minutes to wait for command completion. Specifies how long the application should wait for the command to run. By default, this parameter is set to forever, meaning the application will wait for as long as possible for the command to complete. When this parameter is set to something other then forever, the application will terminate the command if it does not return in time.

Command Error Handling

  • Stop job if command fails to be executed. Specifies whether the job is stopped if the command fails to execute.

  • Stop job if command returns error code. Specifies whether the job will stop if the command executes but returns an error code.

  • Do not stop job if the following error code range is returned. Specifies whether the job will continue if the command executes but returns an error code within the specified range. If the error code falls outside of the specified range, the job will stop.

Additional Notes:

If the Yosemite Server Backup Service is not running, the Yosemite Server Backup Administrator interface must be open at the time a scheduled job is set to run.


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