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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup
formerly Yosemite

What should I do if the Yosemite Server Backup displays my tape drive outside of my library?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago

Solution #00004024



Yosemite Server Backup, version 8.0 and above



Yosemite Server Backup attempts to automatically identify the relationship between a library and tape drive. If there is a problem making this determination you can manually bind the tape drive to the loader.

  1. Open Yosemite Server Backup Administrator and click Devices from the Favorites Menu. Take note of the logical name of your device, exactly as shown in the network view, including any Serial Number information.

  2. Close Yosemite Server Backup Administrator.

  3. Stop the Yosemite Server Backup Service. For details on starting / stopping the Yosemite Server Backup Service refer to Solution #00004025.

  4. Open the ytconfig.ini file in a text editor. This file is located in the config folder in the default installation path. For details on the Yosemite Server Backup default installation path refer to Solution #00004045.

  5. Add the following section to the end of the ytconfig.ini file, and then save and close the file.

    [logical name of loader exactly as it appears in the application]

    Device-0=logical name of device exactly as it appears in application

  6. Start the Yosemite Server Backup Service. 

  7. Open Yosemite Server Backup Administrator.

  8. The device should correctly show as bound to the loader.


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