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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

How do I perform a full System Restore from Yosemite Server Backup without Disaster Recovery Media?

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Solution #00004041



Yosemite Server Backup, version 8.0 and above.



If your system crashes and you have not installed the Disaster Recovery option prior to your last Full Backup, there are some additional steps that must be performed to recover your system. These steps will take some additional time and will require access to your most recent backup and a reinstallation of the entire Operating System.


Restore Requirements

  • Access to a Full System Backup including all File Systems, Yosemite Server Backup Catalog, and System State.
  • The computer name must remain the same.
  • All files and programs must be installed and restored to their original location.
  • You must have an Administrator account with full access to the system.
  • All files and programs must be restored to the same partition and drive letter.
  • The Operating System must be the same version and service pack level.
  • Yosemite Server Backup installation must be the same version.

Restore Process

  1. Install the Operating System and any Service Packs or patches to bring it up to the same level as of the last backup.
  2. Install Yosemite Server Backup.
  3. Reboot the machine.
  4. Insert your Media into the Backup Device.
  5. Open Yosemite Server Backup and navigate to the Favorites Menu.
  6. Click on Devices and then expand the Network folders to display the Devices folder beneath your machine name.
  7. Right click the backup device and select Import Media. Click through the screens of the import wizard using the Next button and then click Finish to start the import job.
  8. Create a new Restore Job, select the machine that is being restored, and run the job. If the machine you are restoring is a Domain Controller, refer to Solution #00004038 for additional instructions. 
  9. After the restore process is complete, restart the system.
  10. Verify your settings are correct, and your programs are functioning properly. 

Please note that incomplete restores may cause some programs not to work properly after the system restore. This may occur because files were in use when the original backup occurred or the registry was corrupt and failed to backup or restore properly. A fresh installation is recommended for the programs that were not properly restored.


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