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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup
formerly Yosemite

Why am I getting error 161 ?Invalid license version? from Yosemite Server Backup?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 2 years ago

Solution #00004264


Yosemite Server Backup 8.7.01 and newer

License keys generated for versions 8.7 and older were version specific. A license key for version 8.5 could not be used in version 8.7.  Starting at version 8.7.01 and moving forward license keys will no longer be version specific.  Thus, a license key provided for version 8.7.01 will work in version 8.8.  However, the newer version will still not accept license keys from the older versions.  For instance, a license key for 8.7 will not be accepted under 8.7.01 or 8.8.  


Additional Notes:

In version 8.7.01 and newer it is also important to note that an active maintenance key is required to be in place in order to be able to perform an upgrade of an existing install.


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