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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

How can I test my throughput with a null device with Yosemite Server Backup?

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Applies to Yosemite Server Backup 8.x.



You can test your backup throughput with a null device using Yosemite Server Backup.

You will find this information below along with other useful information about performing a backup to a null device.

What is a null device?

A null device lets you write a backup to nothing. Why would I want a null device? Most likely you don't. Many things affect backup speed, your backup device not least of all. Some advanced users may want to see exactly how much their tape drive affects backup speed.

Where do I find the throughput?

Look at Status and Logs.

The throughput you see here is a three minute running average. You can calculate the final average throughput by dividing the total amount of data by the time it took to backup. Make sure you disable Auto-verify. If you do not, the verify phase will fail because there isn't any backup data to check. 

To test throughput with a null device:  Versions 8.9.x and newer

  1. Click on Devices on the left side of the screen and browse to the server you wish to create the Null device on
  2. Expand the server so that you can see Devices underneath it
  3. Hold Shift and Right-Click on Devices
  4. Click on Create Null Device and enter a name for the device Versions before 8.0.x ? 8.8.x
  5. Close Yosemite Server Backup (YSB) and stop its service.
  6. Browse to the config folder inside the install directory.
  7. Edit the ytdetect.ini, adding a line to the GENERIC.PRIMARY section. You will want to add dcs.3=Null Device,nll in the location indicated below: 

sup.1=Encryption Driver,crs
sup.2=Database Driver,dtb
sup.3=Object Datastreams Driver,ods
sup.4=Device Control Driver,dcs
dcs.1=MultiStream v1.x Formatter,lf6
dcs.2=MultiStream v2.x Formatter,lf7
dcs.3=Null Device,nll
ods.1=Machine Driver,mac
ods.2=File System Driver,ofs
ods.3=Database Agent,odb

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