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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

How do I enable SCSI tracing in Yosemite Server Backup?

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  • Date changed: one year ago

Solution #00004674



Yosemite Server Backup 8.7 and above.



When troubleshooting SCSI device errors it is occasionally necessary to enable SCSI tracing. SCSI tracing logs all the commands issued to and received from the SCSI device in question. Enabling a SCSI trace is accomplished by following the steps below.


  1. Close Yosemite Server Backup and stop the Yosemite Server Backup service. For information on starting and stopping service please reference the Solution #00004025.
  2. With the user interface closed and the service stopped, navigate to the volume where Yosemite Server Backup is installed. The default path is Program Files/Barracuda/Yosemite Server Backup.
  3. Within the Yosemite Server Backup folder there will be another folder named config. Open the config folder and open the object ytdevice.ini in Wordpad.
  4. Find the section with the header [class.scsi] and add the following line to the bottom of that section:


  5. After adding the line, save and close the file.


The next time a backup is run to a SCSI device the communication between Yosemite Server Backup and the device will be logged in a yttrace.txt file.


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