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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

How can I get more logging to troubleshoot a backup error for Exchange 2010 in Yosemite Server Backup?

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Yosemite Server Backup 8.9.00 and newer.



Most errors posted from Yosemite Server Backup will be fairly self explanatory. Though there are times when the error recorded by the Yosemite Server Backup software is not enough to determine the root cause of an issue. In such cases there are a number of ways to get more information.

The first place to begin would be the Application event logs on the Exchange Server. Often times either Exchange or VSS will record an event here that when researched will provide the needed direction to find a fix.

Another way to get good information is to use the Exchange Management Shell to get an output of database related properties. To get this launch the Exchange Management Shell from the Start menu of the Exchange Server. This will open up a DOS-like environment. From this new window run the following command:

get-mailboxdatabase -status format-list > c:\Ex_2010_output.txt

This command will create a text file titled "Ex_2010_output.txt" in the root of the C volume.
This file will contain a lot of useful information including but not limited to:

LastFullBackup : 8/30/2010 10:55:06 AM
LastIncrementalBackup : 8/30/2010 11:00:47 AM

Finally, if the root cause is still elusive enabling some verbose debugging internally in Exchange case help as well:

Also done from the Exchange Management Shell we will want to use the following command to enable this debugging:

set-EventLogLevel "MSExchangeIS\9002 System\Backup Restore" -Level Expert

This won't return any output and should simply return to the prompt.

To confirm it got set correctly run the following command and you should see this output:

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>Get-EventLogLevel "MSExchangeIS\9002 System\Backup Restore"

Identity EventLevel
-------- ----------
MSExchangeIS\9002 System\Backup Restore Expert

This confirms that it got enabled.

From here you will need to retry the backup. The output from this logging is put in the Application event log on the Exchange Server.

As this level of logging can end up filling up the event logs if left on, it is strongly recommended to only leave it on for the one backup. Use the same command but with the level of lowest to return the logging level back to the default:

set-EventLogLevel "MSExchangeIS\9002 System\Backup Restore" -Level Lowest


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