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Restoring Files To A Different Machine Than Backed Up From In Yosemite FileKeeper.

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago

Solution #00005497

Yosemite FileKeeper, all versions.

Yosemite FileKeeper by default does not allow users to restore files backed up from other computers.  Thus, if a file was backed up to a computer named ?Machine1? and you need to restore these file to a computer named ?Machine2?, by default FileKeeper would not allow this. 

To allow users to be able to do this:
1.    First open the FileKeeper Administrator. (http://<ip address>/fkadmin/)
2.    In the left frame expand ?Policies?
3.    Under ?Policies? expand ?Administrative Policies?
4.    Under ?Administrative Policies? select ?User Control Policy?
5.    In the right frame you should see the setting to allow users the ability to restore files backed up from other computers.

With this setting changed, you will then be able to user the Self-Service Recovery from the control panel of the agent to select and restore your files.

This document assumes you have not hidden or otherwise turned off the Self-Service Recovery feature of the FileKeeper agent.

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