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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

How can I resolve an error 1040 in Yosemite Server Backup?

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  • Date changed: one year ago
Solution #00005537


Yosemite Server Backup 8.1 and newer.


Error 1040 - "No devices specified or all devices are now offline" can appear for several reasons.

This error generally means that the backup job was unable to find a usable device.
Commonly this means that either a device wasn?t selected in the configuration of the backup job or that something happened that made the device that was selected unusable.

The first thing to do is check the job configuration and ensure that there is a device selected.
  • If there is a device selected and it shows an exclamation mark on its icon, this means that the device is offline and you will want to look into troubleshooting why the device is offline. 
  • If there is a device selected and it shows as online (no exclamation mark) then the 1040 error is likely posting in response to a previous error such as a 1401 ? ?Please insert compatible media?. You will want to identify the previous error and troubleshoot that.
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