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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

How do I enable Mailbox level backups for Exchange 2010 using Yosemite Server Backup 9.0?

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Solution #00005828

This solution applies to Yosemite Server Backup 9.0 and newer.

As of version 9.0 Yosemite Server Backup is capable of mailbox level backup for Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1. 

This feature is not enabled by default, as there is a high overhead associated with exporting and backing up individual mailboxes.  The Mailbox agent can be enabled by checking the Enable Agent checkbox on its configuration page. It is also a good idea to specify a custom ?Working directory? location for Import/Export operation of mailboxes. The working location defaults to the Product ?temp? directory.
  1. Open the Yosemite Server Backup Administrator.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Click Catalog.
  4. Hit the + sign on Network.
  5. Hit the + sign on the Exchange server object.
  6. Right click on the Microsoft Exchange Mailbox agent and click Enable
    • (Once enabled this same window can be opened by right clicking and going to properties in case changes need to be made to the configuration).
  7. Check the box called ?Check this box to enable Yosemite Server Backup Exchange Server Mailbox Agent?.
  8. Specify the username and password that will be used for executing Power Shell commands to Exchange.
  9. Provide a path to a ?Working directory? where mailboxes can be exported. 
  10. Specify the restore type, whether to restore and merge directly into the database and current mailbox, or to restore as a PST to a specified file location.
  11. The Microsoft Exchange Mailbox agent will now be selectable under a backup job with mailbox items shown underneath. 

Additional Notes:
Backing up the Exchange database encompasses all of the mailboxes but a restore of a particular mailbox would require a restore of the database, then extraction.

Using the mailbox level backup agent alongside with the database backup does backup the selected mailboxes twice, but any mailboxes backed up through the mailbox level backup agent can be restored individually. Emails that are sent to multiple recipients are only stored within an Exchange database once. 

However, when targeting particular mailboxes for backup requires backup of all emails associated with the selected mailboxes so emails that are sent to multiple recipients will be backed up each time they occur in selected mailboxes for backup.

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