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General Availability - Barracuda VPN Client 5.3.5 for Linux

We are pleased to announce availability of the Barracuda VPN Client 5.3.5 for Linux.

The following improvements have been added:

  • A vulnerability has been resolved that prevents attackers from creating files at unauthorized directory locations. (BNNGF-72677)
  • Operating 2 tunnels with AES256-MD5 now works as expected. (BNNGF-82355)
  • The VPN client displays the connection status Successfully connected correctly while the tunnel is operating. (BNNGF-82983)
  • Barracuda VPN no longer suppresses verbose output in output redirections. (BNNGF-89299)
  • To ensure that only valid OS versions are allowed to connect via VPN, sending minimum client version information has been enforced. (BNNGF-94280)
  • For the case that a certain Linux distribution experiences issues with Barracuda VPN, the logging for the 'ip' command has been improved to ease finding possible causes. (BNNGF-94340)
  • Barracuda VPN handles passwords as expected in outputs when run with the option 'verbose'. (BNNGF-94341)
  • SIGINT signals are now processed as expected. (BNNGF-94345)
  • Barracuda VPN now handles permissions correctly when writing to a certain configuration file. (BNNGF-94346)
  • When the connection is closed by the VPN server, the VPN client releases all allocated resources as expected. (BNNGF-94651)
  • After interrogating the status or the version of the Linux VPN clients, all allocated resources are released as expected. (BNNGF-94652)
  • When a client cannot connect to the VPN server, the allocated resources are released as expected. (BNNGF-94669)

The download is available here.