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Barracuda Content Shield

How to Manage Deployment of the Barracuda Content Shield Suite for Windows

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The Barracuda Content Shield Suite for Windows supports Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016 and 2019. For endpoint computers using Firefox, Barracuda Content Shield Suite requires Firefox 68.0 or later.

The suite is installed on endpoint machines with one of the following methods:

The suite includes the following components:

  • Malware Prevention Component (MPC) – Local file risk analysis, checking against known malware signatures to provide an additional layer of Malware Prevention. Note that this component is installed, but gets disabled if you set Malware Prevention to Disabled on the THREAT POLICY page.
  • Web Filtering Component (WFC) – Content protection for web traffic.

After installing the suite, see How to Use the Barracuda Content Shield Suite for Windows for details about the user interface on the endpoint.

Windows Installation

For manual installation on one of the endpoint machines:

  1. Log into your Barracuda Content Shield account.
  2. Go to the Downloads page.
  3. Click Download to download the Windows Agent installer. The installer file is named BarracudaContentShieldSetup-[version].exe.
  4. Click Account Configuration File to download the configuration file. This file is named bcs.key. The configuration file is picked up by the installer when you run it. Put this file and the installer file in the same folder on the endpoint computer. Note that network drives may present permissions issues.

  5. Run the BarracudaContentShieldSetup-[version].exe  executable on the endpoint, accept the license agreement, and follow the prompts in the wizard to install.
  6. After browsing for the bcs.key file on the Locate Account Configuration screen, the wizard presents a Setup Type dialog with options for Complete or Custom installations:
    • Select Complete to install both the Web Filtering and Malware Prevention components,   – OR –
    • Select Custom to install either one of the components if you don't want to install both


When you uninstall the suite from the endpoint machine, you will be prompted to either reboot the machine or choose to reboot later. Barracuda recommends rebooting if you want to reinstall the suite at a later time.

Managed Deployment Using RMM or GPO

You can either use an RMM or GPO to install and distribute to endpoint machines if you don't want to do manual installations. If you use an RMM or GPO, make sure to indicate that the installer (BarracudaContentShieldSetup-[version].exe) and the configuration file (bcs.key) must be in the same folder. See How to Deploy the Barracuda Content Shield Suite Using RMM Solutions and How to Deploy the Barracuda Content Shield Suite via GPO for details.

Upgrade Using Windows

When you run the Windows installer, if there is a newer version of the Barracuda Content Shield Suite, you will see the Upgrade button in the installer Welcome screen. Click Upgrade and follow the wizard prompts. This will only upgrade features you have installed.

Command Line Installation / Upgrade / Uninstallation (silent)

See command line syntax and examples of each process in the table below.

Important note on uninstalling: If uninstalling using the Windows installer, you will be prompted for a password to uninstall (also with command line). If you don't have the password you cannot uninstall the agent. See Agent Settings for details on the Tamper Proof feature (Allow Agent Removal) and setting this password.

To install from the command line on one of the endpoint machines:

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above.
  2. From the command line, run the appropriate command from the examples in the table below, depending on your scenario.
    Note: For KEYPATH = "path/to/bcs.key" , replace the example in italics with the actual path to the bcs.key file. For USER_PASS, enter the password you created on the AGENT SETTINGS page for Allow Agent Removal.

Install / uninstall complete suite

(both WFC and MPC)


BarracudaContentShieldSetup-[version].exe KEYPATH="path/to/bcs.key" /silent 


BarracudaContentShieldSetup-[version].exe USER_PASS="my_password" /remove /silent

Uninstall, and then reboot the endpoint machine
 BarracudaContentShieldSetup-[version].exe USER_PASS="my_password" /remove /silent & shutdown /r /t 0 
Partial install 
Only install MPC

BarracudaContentShieldSetup-[version].exe ISFeatureInstall="MalwarePrevention" KEYPATH="path/to/bcs.key" /silent

Only install WFC

BarracudaContentShieldSetup-[version].exe ISFeatureInstall="WebFiltering" KEYPATH="path/to/bcs.key" /silent

Upgrade the suite  

Upgrade the suite to the latest version

BarracudaContentShieldSetup-[version].exe /silent

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