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Barracuda Reference / FAQ

Virtual Deployment Management

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Barracuda provides a number of products as virtual appliances. A virtual appliance is a software image that is designed to run on a virtual machine. Multiple virtual appliances, when deployed on a virtualization platform such as VMware, can share the physical resources of a single host computer while remaining logically isolated from each other.

As the organization grows, you can scale virtual appliances for capacity without changing any hardware or software configurations. Virtual appliances can also be easier to back up and restore than hardware appliances, because commercial hypervisors make it possible to quickly take snapshots of virtual appliances.

Virtual Appliance Installation and Deployment

You can install and deploy your Barracuda virtual appliance using a variety of the currently available hypervisors (for example, VMware ESX and Citrix XenServer).

For information on how to install and deploy your appliance, see the following articles:

Backing Up

Barracuda recommends that you regularly back up your virtual machine system state.

Additional Resources


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