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How to Monitor the Barracuda DC Agent 5.x

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Barracuda Networks recommends getting and installing version 6.x of the Barracuda DC Agent. See How to Get and Configure the Barracuda DC Agent. This article applies only to the Barracuda DC Agent version 5.x.

From the Remote Monitor States and Logs tabs in the Barracuda DC Agent, you can view its status and review its logs for troubleshooting.

View Remote Monitor States

To view the status for the Barracuda DC Agent and remotely monitored domain controllers, click the Remote Monitor States tab. You can view the following information:

Monitoring StatesDescription
MonitoringIP address of the monitored Active Directory.
StateCurrent state of the monitoring thread/session.
Active sinceStart time of the monitoring thread/session.
First Error atTime the monitoring thread/session was corrupted.
Last Error atEnd time the monitoring thread/session was corrupted.
Last Error MessageLast error message of a corrupted thread/session.

View the Barracuda DC Agent Logs

To view the Barracuda DC Agent logs, click the Log tab. When you receive errors for the Barracuda DC Agent, the log files can help you find the source of the error.

All logging information for the Barracuda DC Agent is stored in the DCDebug.txt file that is located in the C:\Program Files\Barracuda directory. The Barracuda DC Agent creates a new log file daily or when the existing log file exceeds 1 MB in size (whichever comes first). Only the last ten log files are kept on the system. After the tenth log is created, the first log file is overwritten with new data, and so on. For this reason, it is important to view the time stamp on log files to determine which file contains the latest data.

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