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Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Version 3 Release Notes

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What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (March 2021)

  • Added backup and restore support for the Recoverable Items folders in Exchange (Deletions, Purges, DiscoveryHolds, etc). [JAN-3676]
  • Improved performance for Protect table load times. [JAN-3959]
  • Updated support toggle auto-shutoff from 3 days to 7 days. [JAN-3907]
  • Teams without a mail enabled owner have data outside of the Team mailbox backed up. [JAN-3626]
  • Events in the Audit log performed by Barracuda Support will now display "Barracuda Support" with a proper support email address instead of "Unknown". [JAN-3354]
  • Customers are now allowed to add new users to their account by email address. [JAN-3349]
  • Clearly identify actions taken by support in the Audit log. [JAN-4093]
  • Improved retry logic to further reduce errors in backups and restores. [JAN-3227]
  • Fixed an issue causing multiple data sources of the same type to be configured. [JAN-2977]
  • Fixed an issue causing serial activation to fail. [JAN-3322]
  • Restores are allowed to continue restoring items after encountering non-fatal errors. [JAN-1723]
  • If a Teams SharePoint item is throttled, or has a file hash mismatch, retries with an incorrect path details no longer occur. [JAN-3953]
  • Improved error messaging when the application fails to retrieve Protect table data. [JAN-3912]
  • Fixed an issue where a Team SharePoint site with a subsite created would not allow the subsite to be restored. [JAN-3934]
  • Filtering for emails with attachments will now show emails with attachments. [JAN-4004]
  • Filtering for PDF file types will now show PDF file types. [JAN-3991]
  • Jobs that encounter unlicensed O365 tenants will now fail with a proper message. [JAN-3839]
  • Shared mailboxes that were converted from licensed mailboxes will now be properly identified and backed up. [JAN-3611]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (February 2021)

  • Added an entry to the Audit log to specify when an Export job has started. [JAN-2051]
  • Improved handling of cases where items changed between enumeration and fetch. [JAN-3251]
  • Fixed an issue causing Teams restore not to complete successfully due to an error in the Clutter folder. [JAN-3555]

  • Fixed an issue where a SharePoint job would succeed with nothing backed up if the SharePoint tenant did not have a valid SharePoint Online license. [JAN-3234]

What's New in Version 3 

Currently available for new customers only. Existing customers will migrate to Version 3 over the coming months.

New Features
  • New modern cloud Backup platform providing 10 times faster backup and restore speeds.
  • New redesigned user interface with a 1 second maximum page load time.
  • Brand new account setup experience from initial setup to backup in less than 5 minutes.
  • Enhanced search and filter options across Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams.
  • Backup and restore items in SharePoint, including:
    • All sites and subsites.
    • All libraries, lists, site pages, and wiki pages.
    • Files and folders including metadata.
  • Backup and restore Exchange archive mailboxes.
  • Expanded Teams support, including:
    • Granular recovery.
    • Teams metadata including members.
    • Office 365 group mailbox and site.
  • New support access button to control who can securely access your backup data.
Known Issues
  • Export functionality only works for files.
    • Export will be extended to cover accounts and folders in a future release.
  • Restore to alternate location popup is not a searchable list.
    • The alternate location will be a searchable field in a future release.
  • Exchange requires a full email address in the From field under the Filter button.
  • Unable to adjust a backup schedule or retention policies.
    • Planned for a future release.
    • All data will be retained with unlimited retention until a future release is available.
  • Unable to set up email notifications for alerts and backup failures.
    • Planned for a future release.

See also Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.

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