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Version 3 Release Notes

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What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (September 2023)

  • Improved the Exchange export to PST functionality by increasing the export file size to 4GB per PST file. Note that this is not a total export limit. Exports exceeding 4GB will result in multiple PST files available for export. [JAN-16775]
  • Improved the detection and reporting of items that cannot be backed up. [JAN-15184]
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when attempting to back up users with a UPN that starts with a $ character. [JAN-15901]
  • Fixed an issue that caused errors during an export containing a large number of empty folders. [JAN-15537]
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some customers migrating from the legacy Cloud-to-Cloud Backup application to access the required reauthorization screen in the current Cloud-to-Cloud Backup application. [JAN-16276]
  • Fixed an issue that caused throttling and error messages if a OneDrive file was edited in Microsoft 365 during an export from Cloud-to-Cloud Backup that included that OneDrive file. [JAN-15337]
  • Fixed an issue that caused emails exported to a PST to not have a “Received” date. [JAN-16101]
  • Fixed an issue that caused errors for some customers when exporting legacy (V2) data from the current Cloud-to-Cloud Backup application. [JAN-16679]
  • Fixed an issue where some backup jobs returned a “Received message exceeds the maximum configured message size” error message. [JAN-16680]
  • Fixed an issue that caused export failures for Exchange messages where the name length exceeded 256 characters. [JAN-16669]
  • Fixed an issue that caused excessive throttling during OneDrive backup jobs for some customers that, in rare cases, could prevent the user’s OneDrive from being backed up. [JAN-15158]
  • Addressed an issue where a SharePoint backup selecting a number of sites would fail if one of the sites was inaccessible (e.g. locked). The problem site is now skipped and other sites will be backed up. No errors/warnings will be generated. [JAN-16840]
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Teams channels to occasionally fail to restore if the owner that created the channel has not yet been added to the newly created Team. [JAN-16759]
  • Fixed an issue that caused exporting or restoring to an alternate location to fail for some customers. [JAN-17197]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (August 2023)

  • All exports from Exchange Online data will now result in .PST files, available worldwide. ZIP and nested ZIP files will no longer be necessary. [JAN-14698]

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused export jobs to fail. [JAN-16242]

  • Fixed an issue that caused some data to be missed during OneDrive backups for some customers. [JAN-16240]

  • Improved report messaging for a restore run on a shared or private channel in a team when one of the members (owner or user) is no longer on the tenant. [JAN-15782]

  • Fixed an issue that caused some Exchange exports to PST to fail. [JAN-16075]

  • Fixed an issue that caused Microsoft tenant reauthentication to fail for some legacy (V2) customers when using the current version of Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for the first time. [JAN-16095]

  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when an email of around 4MB was exported. [JAN-15720]

  • Fixed an issue that caused the exports to PST to fail in some instances. Note that this is only relevant where export to PST is enabled, currently in Canada & West Europe. [JAN-15791]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (July 2023)

  • Fixed an issue during restore of V2 emails where a “mailbox full” situation on the destination mailbox was being misreported as an “Unable to export message” error. [JAN-14740]
  • Fixed issues that occasionally caused corruptions in zips generated by export. [JAN-15132]
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused an unnecessary repeated warning to appear in some backup job logs. [JAN-15377]
  • Improved Protect page loading behavior to reduce intermittent errors when rendering the page view. [JAN-15332]
  • Fixed an issue that caused some export jobs to be slower than expected. [JAN-15460]
  • Improved error reporting for a notebook restore unable to find the default document library of the target site. [JAN-15197]
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Tabs/Channels to be skipped in the event of a Microsoft Graph error. This fix allows the channel to be captured even if the Tab has issues. [JAN-15063]
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some aspects of the application from appearing for some customers after initial setup and connection to Microsoft 365. [JAN-15106]
  • Fixed an issue that caused a failure while retrieving Team channel tab information in some cases, causing the channel to be blocked from backup. [JAN-14667]
  • Fixed an issue that caused excessive throttling in the UK South region. [JAN-15636]
  • Fixed an issue that prevented backing up of SharePoint lists or document libraries in some cases due to an error in the column definition. [JAN-15018]
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Exchange Tasks from being exported correctly in some cases. [JAN-14136]
  • Improved the messaging for some unsupported Teams channel tabs that were formerly returning a generic error during restore jobs. [JAN-14127]
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the export of some emails having a property indicating use of UTF-7. [JAN-13987]
  • Improved handling for SharePoint sites using non-standard site identifier formats. [JAN-14868]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (June 2023)

  • All exports from Exchange Online data will now result in .PST files. ZIP and nested ZIP files will no longer be necessary. For more information, see How to Export an Exchange Online Data Source to PST FormatNote: Existing customers will migrate to this new PST export feature over the coming weeks.

  • Improved the options available in OneDrive when searching for users to return results based on email address, UPN, or display name. [JAN-14510]

  • Updated the catalog for Exchange emails exported to PST to add a section listing items that currently cannot be exported. Future releases will address these items in order to support as many file types as possible. [JAN-14722]

  • Fixed an issue that was caused Teams private site channel backups to be duplicated under the SharePoint data source. [JAN-14576]

  • Improved error messaging to explain the specific issue that sometimes occur during the restore of a Teams channel that contains a Microsoft Education Insights tab, which is not currently supported. [JAN-14135]

  • Improved error messaging for a site permission that could not be restored for a user that no longer exists in the tenant but still has rights during the restore of a SharePoint site. [JAN-14234]

  • Improved error messaging for a failure to back up a OneNote file due to Microsoft disallowing OneNote section downloads over 2GB. This was formerly classified as a generic error. [JAN-13581]

  • Fixed an issue that caused errors or warnings during the backup of group mailboxes. [JAN-14264]

  • Fixed an Exchange item restore issue that failed with the error “The defaultFolder cannot be created by XSO”. The item is now allowed to be restored, which may result in duplicate items. [JAN-13630]

  • Improved error messaging for a SharePoint restore when a permission has a role definition value not in the expected range. This was formerly classified as a generic error. [JAN-14156]

  • Improved restore and export processes for issues related to missing nodes that now allow jobs to complete successfully. Details are mentioned in the job report. [JAN-13104]
  • Improved Protect page loading behavior to reduce intermittent errors when rendering the page view. [JAN-14345]
  • Fixed an uncommon issue preventing the application from finding a user record in Active Directory if that user’s UPN contained an apostrophe, generating a user not found in AD message in SharePoint or Teams backup reports. [JAN-14333]
  • Improved functionality of Teams backup to improve the ability to capture Tabs data during backup jobs. [JAN-14312]
  • Fixed an issue that caused backup delays in some cases where a group mailbox contained more than ~500 folders. [JAN-14575]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (May 2023)

  • Cloud-to-Cloud Backup now supports designating a new Team owner when restoring to an alternate location during the Restore setup process. [JAN-10148]

  • Addressed some minor user interface bugs related to multi-tenant functionality. [JAN-11596]

  • Improved performance for searching backed-up data. [JAN-14184]

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in unnecessary missing ancestor warnings in backup reports. [JAN-14064]

  • Fixed a rare issue that caused very large exports to timeout in some circumstances. [JAN-14168]

  • Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented successful back up for a Team or Group mailbox. [JAN-13585]

  • Fixed an issue where some customers are seeing a AllProxyAddressFailedForMailBox warning continuously during backup. [JAN-13929]

  • Fixed an issue that caused a failure report when exporting some data originally backed up by Cloud-to-Cloud Backup v2. [JAN-13882]

  • Improved handling of transient Out of Memory messages affecting some customers. [JAN-13768]
  • Fixed an issue backing up children of a folder is skipped due to invalid folder class, resulting in missing ancestor warning in backup reports. [JAN-12834]

  • Fixed an issue where valid data was blocked from backup due to failing data integrity checks. [JAN-13012]

  • Fixed an issue where export jobs were occasionally reporting no files found to export. [JAN-13304]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (April 2023)

  • Cloud-to-Cloud Backup now supports the backup and restore of Tabs within Microsoft Teams. The initial release of this feature supports tabs linking to the following items: Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, Teams Tasks, SharePoint Document Libraries, OneNote Notebooks, PowerPoint Decks, SharePoint Forms, SharePoint Lists, SharePoint Site, Teams Whiteboard, Website URL, Teams Wiki, and links to almost any file stored in OneDrive or SharePoint. [JAN-12345]
    Note: This enhancement supports backing up the tab and link pointing to the target resource. Backing up the resource file is already supported as long as it is saved in OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, or Exchange.
  • Cloud-to-Cloud Backup now supports backup, restore, and export of files encrypted using Microsoft's Azure Information Protection (AIP) and/or with applied sensitivity labels using Microsoft's Azure Rights Management (ARM), including capturing and restoring sensitivity labels as applicable. [JAN-11947]

  • Reclassified the Microsoft response "exchange.AllProxyAddressFailedForMailBox" from an Info to a Warning message, as the data was not able to be backed up during that Exchange backup job. Note that this is an uncommon and transient error, and the data is typically backed up on the next job. [JAN-13071]

  • Improved a generic warning message to provide better information to the customer when a member is unable to be added because the user no longer exists during a SharePoint restore job. [JAN-13016]

  • Improved loading delays and timeouts of the Protect page for some customers. [JAN-13379]

  • Addressed an issue where Teams shared channels were reporting an error, preventing restores. Shared channels will be now be skipped on restore without reporting an error. The ability to restore shared channels will be included in a future update. [JAN-12882]

  • Fixed an issue where private channel creation was failing due to a timing issue related to restoring Office 365 team members and channel creation. [JAN-13357]

  • Fixed an issue preventing restores and/or exports of V2 Exchange data from completing within the current version of Cloud-to-Cloud Backup. [JAN-13777]

  • Fixed an issue where folders created during a SharePoint restore to Other Location did not properly include the DDMMYYYY suffix. [JAN-13314]

  • Fixed an issue where some customers were incorrectly seeing an error that referenced "Azure Rights Management" for files that were properly rejected from backup due to a hash mismatch unrelated to ARM/AIP. [JAN-13611]

  • Fixed an issue that caused errors for some customers when attempting to restore a SharePoint site that was originally created using a legacy Teams site template, which caused the site to be backed up under the SharePoint data source. [JAN-10904]

  • Fixed an issue where some customers saw an inaccurate 'Duplicate Key' error during backups. [JAN-13330]

  • Fixed an issue that temporarily prevented the Protect page from populating for some customers. [JAN-13452]

  • Fixed an issue during update of an existing item in SharePoint “Site Pages” library, causing a minor version of the item to be updated on restore. [JAN-13026]

  • Fixed an issue that impacted some customers where an error may occur during Exchange backups. [JAN-13345]

  • Added additional resiliency to Cloud-to-Cloud Backup to fix an issue causing some newer customers to experience screen timeouts, excess errors, and timeouts that may have caused some data to be missed during backups. [JAN-13341] [JAN-13432]

  • Fixed an issue where some newer customers were experiencing excessive "RPC" and "Missing Ancestor" errors. [JAN-13584]

  • Fixed a rare issue where some customers experienced Teams restore failures due to the use of a folder name reserved by Teams. [JAN-12463]

  • Fixed an issue where some customers were seeing inaccurate aggregate data sizes for backed up data. [JAN-13211]

  • Fixed a rare issue where some customers were seeing an error in OneDrive backup logs for users not yet provisioned in Microsoft 365. [JAN-12942]

  • Fixed an issue causing duplicate data source connections to appear in the user interface for some customers. [JAN-13338]

  • Fixed a rare issue where backups were failing when custom group selections contained an extremely large group of backed up users. [JAN-13343]

  • Fixed an issue preventing some customers that migrated from the legacy Cloud-to-Cloud Backup v2 application from logging into Cloud-to-Cloud Backup. [JAN-13181]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (March 2023)

  • Improved handling for SharePoint sites that are not hosted on [JAN-12592]

  • Fixed an issue where duplicate vaults were being created for some customers in the UK South region due to a Microsoft latency issue. [JAN-13161]

  • Fixed an issue where SharePoint restores were not respecting the language settings of the site for some customers, causing duplicate sites to be created in an incorrect language. [JAN-11228]

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect characters in some database queries which resulted in the browsing of some CCB v2 migrated data not showing the correct results. [JAN-12888]

  • Fixed an issue that prevented all users from being backed up when custom backup behavior rules were set using groups that contained very large or complex embedded groups. [JAN-12970]

  • Fixed an issue where a 'no connection' message appeared in the multi-tenant dropdown for some customers. [JAN-12965]

  • Fixed an issue with certain giphy settings for a Team during Teams restore. [JAN-12596]

  • Fixed an Exchange restore error sending out an exception that Exchange could not find the Item ID. [JAN-12174]

  • Fixed an issue where some data may have been skipped during a backup for new customers. Data will be backed up during a subsequent run. [JAN-12712]

  • Fixed an issue during backup where an alert, inability to identify the user who owns a permission on a SharePoint site, was reported as a restore job. [JAN-11417]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (February 2023)

  • Download links are now provided for export jobs with errors/warnings/info items. [JAN-10546]

  • Users can now specify a date range when exporting the account audit log. [JAN-11962]

  • Trials expiration date are now set for 15 days from the current date. [JAN-12070]

  • Fixed an issue where some accounts with multiple tenants configured were not landing on the correct page after configuring a second tenant. [JAN-12450]

  • Fixed an issue where due to changes with the Microsoft Dotnet runtime, some backup jobs may have seen occasional memory related errors. [JAN-12558]

  • After exporting, the catalog of exported items seen on the Report page will now show non-English language characters correctly. [JAN-12143]

  • Fixed an edge case where an item migrated from v2 may fail to export from within the v3 interface if the migrated item (v2) had a null remoteId. [JAN-12286]

  • Fixed an issue where due to recent changes in Microsoft API's, restoring folders that contain non-alphanumeric characters in their name can fail. [JAN-11221]

  • Fixed a bug that was causing an "Expected a page break marker" exception when trying to convert content that is already mime. [JAN-12054]

  • Fixed a bug where users could not export files to a Windows machine if the message contained a colon in the subject. [JAN-11197]

  • Resolved an issue that caused data migrated from the old Cloud-to-Cloud platform to potential display a timeout in the user interface. [JAN-12108]

  • Failed export jobs now have a "Failed Export" notice on the Dashboard instead of an "Expired" button. [JAN-10989]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (January 2023)

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup now supports multiple Microsoft 365 tenants in the user interface. See Multi-Tenant Management. Note that multi-tenant currently only supports multiple connections in the same Azure region. 

  • Attempting an alternate restore that fails due to a tenant subsite creation being disabled now generates an error. [JAN-11147]

  • Fixed an issue where changes in the contents of OneDrive recycle bin contents sometimes prevented a backup from completing properly, generating an error message. [JAN-11647]

  • Fixed an issue where restoring some lists containing "people" columns previously reported an error. [JAN-11857]

  • Fixed an issue where some customers may have experienced issues exporting and restoring legacy data from Cloud-to-Cloud Backup v2. [JAN-11675]

  • Fixed an issue where some groups (e.g. distribution groups) appeared for the incorrect operation when selecting groups and teams to include/exclude from backup or as the destination for a restore. [JAN-10768]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (December 2022)

  • Improved export performance when many files share names and many emails with the same subject are in the same folder. [JAN-11329]

  • Group mailboxes are accessible by all owners where previously, group mailboxes may sometimes not be processed if the original owner we used no longer has permissions or is no longer valid in the tenant. [JAN-10910]
  • Fixed an issue where some restores of ASPX files reported an "internal error" failure even though the file was correctly restored. [JAN-11330]

  • Fixed an issue where a SharePoint restore reported a "Custom Scripts Not Enabled" error, but now correctly identifies as a 'server busy' error which will be retried internally and not listed as an error in the report. [JAN-11454]

  • Fixed an issue where backing up large OneNote files timed out repeatedly in some cases, causing backups to take longer than 24 hours. [JAN-8433]

  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause previously backed up data to be pulled again. [JAN-4256]

  • Fixed an issue where occasional files were excluded from backup and reported as a generic error. [JAN-10345]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (November 2022)

  • Users will no longer receive a daily summary notification indicating that no backups ran for any data source when all Microsoft 365 data source backups are disabled. [JAN-11184]

  • Users can now download the audit log for a single day to CSV. [JAN-10672]

  • Cloud-to-Cloud Backup (CCB) is now available in the Sweden Central (Gävle) Azure region. [JAN-10807]

  • Fixed restoring data to a recreated user account using the same UPN but with a different AD Id. [JAN-11062]

  • Improved throttling issues and handling of writing to Microsoft 365 restored folders. [JAN-10762]

  • Identified an issue when backing up some OneNote notebooks. Microsoft has now resolved this issue and started to roll out an update region wide. [JAN-8198]

  • Fixed an issue where incorrect counts were displaying for errors and warnings on the Reports page for some customers. [JAN-11090]

  • Fixed an issue where some OneNote Notebook restores in SharePoint and Teams did not complete successfully. [JAN-10769]

  • Fixed an issue where some SharePoint backups have reported errors while backing up site permissions. [JAN-10611]

  • Fixed an issue where some restored sites would show an error when they are viewed in SharePoint. [JAN-10912]

  • Fixed an issue with nested group selections in OneDrive and Exchange. The nested groups now correctly expand and resolve the members within OneDrive and Exchange. [JAN-10916]

  • Fixed an issue where some downloads of large numbers of items resulted in the downloaded zip file being corrupt. [JAN-10972]

  • Fixed an issue where SharePoint sites are not listed under "Selections" or "Restore to Alternate" due to construction of the URLs of some of their sites. The fix requires another backup of SharePoint. [JAN-10949]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (October 2022)

  • Improved Audit log by providing addition details about restore and export jobs. [JAN-3351]

  • Improved performance and reduced throttling for uploads of small files less than 4MB. [JAN-208]

  • Increased export of each zip file limit from 4GB to 10GB. [JAN-7425] [JAN-10677] [JAN-10457]

  • Increased processing speed for some Exchange backups with authentication problems. [JAN-10666]

  • Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is now available in the South Africa North (Johannesburg) Azure region. [JAN-10928]

  • Fixed an issue where downloads previously failed for files in very deep folder hierarchies. [JAN-9760]

  • Fixed the French translation for the word "Backup". [JAN-10713]

  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect timestamp was set for export/restore jobs with a single selection. [JAN-10701]

  • Fixed an issue where a restore job may terminate early unexpectedly. [JAN-10695]

  • Fixed an issue where selections and downloads of items with newlines in their names caused errors. [JAN-10482]

  • Fixed an issue where a limited number of backup jobs contained insufficient information on custom selections (either exclusions or inclusions) and caused a backup error. [JAN-10723]

  • Improved error handling for encrypted files download data size exceeding double of the metadata size. [JAN-10855] [JAN-10615]

  • Fixed an issue where some large downloads to zip files would produce corrupt zip files. [JAN-10576]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (September 2022)

  • Improved enumeration speeds for customers with specific groups of users selected for backup. [JAN-8686]

  • Support for backing up folders populated in a mailbox using IMAP. [JAN-10224]

  • Improved error handling for users that do not have a provisioned OneDrive drive. [JAN-10496]

  • Fixed an issue where some Cloud-to-Cloud Backup trial customers were not appearing as properly activated after purchase. [JAN-10390]

  • Fixed an issue where some customers were unable to scroll on the Settings page when attempting to view/modify Include/Exclude lists with more than 10 items. [JAN-10361]

  • Improved error reporting for Teams restores failing during a restore when using a Team name that already exists in the tenant. [JAN-9452]

  • Fixed an issue where Sharepoint restores were failing for some customers. [JAN-10423]

  • Improved error handling for certain SharePoint sites unable to restore due to custom scripts not enabled. [JAN-10233]

  • Fixed an issue where some zip files generated by an export job are corrupted. [JAN-10343] 

  • Improved error handling for restoring a Group with a Group naming policy. [JAN-9602]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (August 2022)

  • Improved long running (> 65 minutes) enumerations of tenant users returning some shared mailboxes as not being shared. [JAN-10271]

  • Improved error reporting for inability to restore 0 byte items and where a SharePoint site name is reserved (e.g. `portals`). [JAN-9803]

  • Fixed an issue where some large exports were generating corrupt zip files. [JAN-10249]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (July 2022)

  • Fixed an issue where some cases of shared mailboxes were not backed up. The customer will accept a new permission to "Read all user mailbox settings" in the Cloud-to-Cloud app for their Microsoft tenant. [JAN-9836]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (June 2022)

  • Improved performance and reliability for reading dynamic file sizes. [JAN-9454]

  • Improved handling for backing up of exchange folders that may have been created by 3rd party apps or as a result of migration, etc. [JAN-9563]

  • Support to allow creation of empty folders in export zip files when exporting multiple items with folders that have no content.  [JAN-9350]

  • Improved error handling for "AADSTS7000215: Invalid client secret provided" error. [JAN-9432]

  • Improved message reporting to inform customer to reauthenticate to consent to channel permissions. [JAN-9372]

  • Improved handling for invalid root subsite names. [JAN-9446]

  • Improved handling for large file downloads. [JAN-9085]

  • Support for restoring V2 migrated data to alternate location only. [JAN-9191]

  • Improved handling when downloading OneDrive files. [JAN-233]
  • Fixed an issue when encountering an "ErrorInvalidUserPrincipalName" error. [JAN-9405]

  • Improved error handling to include a warning message to indicate that a zero-size item restore is not supported for Exchange. [JAN-8865]

  • Fixed an issue where an Exchange restore failure occurs due to a Microsoft intermittent error. [JAN-9139]

  • Fixed an issue where a suffix was appended after the file extension when exporting folders. [JAN-9343]

  • Fixed an issue where the email subject contains a "\" when the email is exported with other emails. [JAN-9342]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (May 2022)

  • Notebooks are correctly restored to the specified original or alternate location. [JAN-9045]

  • Teams restore with special characters are now supported. [JAN-9128]

  • Users can now perform an alternate restore for Teams. See How to Restore a Teams Data Source. [JAN-7462] [JAN-8750] [JAN-9044]

  • Known errors and warnings are now linked to a Campus Troubleshooting article. [JAN-8392]

  • Teams owners, members, and emails are being restored to new Groups as expected. [JAN-9060]

  • Fixed an issue when exporting emails with "/" in the subject line. [JAN-8763]

  • Fixed an issue where the folder name contains special characters when downloading a folder. [JAN-8651]

  • Improved handling of filename issues when exporting files. [JAN-8832]

  • Improved error handling for URL API call timeouts. [JAN-6938]
  • Improved handling for 'Invalid Audience Uri' error. [JAN-5878]
  • Fixed an issue where some exports that included notebooks resulted in unexpected files appearing at the root level of the generated zip. [JAN-8897]
  • Individual files of zero length can now be exported. [JAN-8977] [JAN-8684]
  • Improved error handling when trying to export Exchange items that have an incorrect format. [JAN-8914]
  • Improved error handling to ensure SharePoint list item field data errors are added and displayed in the reports. [JAN-8932]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (April 2022)

  • Increased export files and zip files of up to 4Gb. [JAN-8707] [JAN-8688]

  • SharePoint Sites that were part of a team or group but are no longer (i.e. the team is deleted but the site is left over) are now backed up into SharePoint vault. [JAN-8656]

  • Fixed an issue where export previously failed with files over 100MB. [JAN-8677]
  • Improved handling for message exceeding the maximum supported size. [JAN-8733]
  • Fixed an issue that caused daily summary email notifications not to be sent. [JAN-8937]
  • Improved handling for 'Server Busy' errors. [JAN-9019]
  • Improved handling to ensure the correct impersonation details are retrieved when accessing mailboxes. [JAN-8273]
  • Fixed an issue where some OneNote notebooks were preventing a small number of backups from completing. [JAN-8678]
  • Added additional error checking to prevent a restore job from terminating when OneNote v1 restores may sometimes fail, possibly due to malformed HTML in the original page. [JAN-8541]
  • Fixed an issue where some customers experienced problems with their backups not completing successfully after the upgrade to OneNote v2. [JAN-8565]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (March 2022)

  • Improved error handling to ensure export errors are associated correctly with export reports. [JAN-8460]
  • Guided search now available, a new capability to give the user additional control over their search criteria. See How to Search and Filter an Exchange Online Data Source. [JAN-7960]
  • Improved search handling to warn users that result sets for overly broad search terms will not include all matching items and return up to 1000 items. [JAN-7682]
  • Improved error handling when backing up SharePoint site group permissions. [JAN-8188]
  • Users will now get a notification that search results have been truncated. [JAN-7770]
  • OneNote backups and restores are now supported. [JAN-7713]
  • Users are now be able to export multiple files. See How to Export an Exchange Online Data Source. [JAN-7355]
  • Non-admin users are no longer able to connect to Microsoft for an account. [JAN-8075]
  • Fixed an issue where restores can fail if there was a large number of specific items were removed. [JAN-8423]

  • Fixed to correctly show the parent team for Teams items in the search results. [JAN-8165]

  • Fixed to correctly process OneNote Notebook hidden files and allow the backup job to complete successfully. [JAN-8252]

  • Fixed to check for file updates and to regenerate new download URL link for large files. [JAN-8195]

  • Fixed an issue where certain items caused an error when determining the items to back up. [JAN-8372]

  • Fixed an issue that was caused some large Exchange folders to stop the backup from completing. Two backups might be required before all the data is fully backed up. [JAN-8055]

  • Fixed an issue that caused repeated errors on OneNote notebook backups. [JAN-8117]
  • OneNote files prior to disabling OneNote backups in January 2022 [JAN-7656] are no longer visible unless you navigate back to a date the OneNote files existed. New OneNote backups are visible. [JAN-7952]
  • Fixed a bug in SharePoint and Teams where some OneNote subitems have a listItem ID and result in a warning. [JAN-8173]
  • Fixed a bug where restores of Teams or groups previously failed due the Team or group not fully provisioned at the time of restore. The restore process will now wait for the Team or group to be fully provisioned. [JAN-7290] [JAN-7291]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (February 2022)

  • Audits folder under Recoverable Items and Archive Recoverable Items will not be backed up due to recent changes from Microsoft. For more information, see Microsoft article. [JAN-7808]

  • Improved handling of large file backups while being throttled. [JAN-7461]
  • Customers can now choose to receive per-job email notifications based on Always, Only On Errors, or On Any Warning or Error. [JAN-7584]
  • Fixed a bug where some .aspx items showed a size of 0 bytes in the Protect table. [JAN-7978]

  • Fixed a bug to ensure column lists are restored properly. [JAN-7518]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (January 2022)

  • All new OneNote files will not be backed up as Barracuda Networks is continually working on improving performance. Restoring OneNote files to the original location continue to work as designed. [JAN-7656]
  • Improved performance by increasing page size when loading the Protect page. [JAN-7320]
  • Improved load times for searching large data sets. [JAN-7577]
  • Improved reporting of emails that cannot be backed up. [JAN-7335]
  • Improved UI cache performance. [JAN-7192]
  • Updated to include a new User Management page in the UI. For more information, see the Settings page. [JAN-6947]
  • Fixed to no longer show duplicate folders in Protect page. [JAN-7573]
  • Fixed a bug where auto-generated files do not get overwritten. [JAN-7251]
  • Fixed to include error description that a Teams restore to Other Location is currently not supported. [JAN-7474]
  • Fixed to show the active trial subscription if there are more than one in an account. [JAN-7406]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (December 2021)

  • Improved processing of errors when the attachment is over the maximum supported size. [JAN-7134]
  • Fixed to ensure that shared mailboxes are correctly identified and processed. [JAN-7321]
  • Fixed to ensure a restore of a team based on a 'dynamic group' is successful. [JAN-6960] [JAN-7139]
  • Fixed to include detailed error messaging in the report when an item cannot be processed and retried in the next backup. [JAN-6979]

  • Fixed time zone issue that caused some accounts to not receive daily email summaries after DST ended. [JAN-7080]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (November 2021)

  • Added support for backing up OneNote files for Teams/Groups. [JAN-2830]
  • Improved handling of calendar items that have an invalid recurrence format. [JAN-5182]
  • Updated Selections table for all data sources to show the correct icon for users and groups. [JAN-6131]
  • Improved performance in processing SharePoint backups. [JAN-6875]
  • Improved categorization and reporting of a Teams API response. [JAN-6051]
  • Restore of OneNote notebooks for SharePoint. [JAN-2870]
  • Improved load time in the user interface. [JAN-6768]
  • Increased parallel processing of nested SharePoint sites to improve backup speed. [JAN-6329]
  • Improved handling of several OneNote error responses. [JAN-6459]
  • Fixed truncated list column names during restore, causing the field data not to be restored. [JAN-6644]
  • Fixed search functionality to look for keywords that contains the search term instead of what the term starts with. [JAN-5862]
  • Fixed an issue where wrong error message was showing during an alternate restore. [JAN-6827]
  • Fixed to correctly categorize errors where user had OneDrive and was later deprovisioned for OneDrive. [JAN-6037]
  • Fixed bug where serial numbers were missing from certain email summaries. [JAN-6747]
  • Fix a bug where trying to restore a file that already exists results in a success manifest/report. [JAN-5861]

  • Fixed to correctly interpret EWS throttle delay timespans. [JAN-6766]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (October 2021)

  • Increased the timeout length for extended Exchange calls. [JAN-6445]

  • Updated to provide better feedback / messaging to users if a particular type of restore is not supported. [JAN-6044]

  • Improved handling for existing running jobs. [JAN-6506]

  • Increased visibility for scenarios where a scheduled job is not kicked off. [JAN-6526]

  • Updated to allow search/filtering for SharePoint sites when doing a restore to an alternate location. Not yet available in the UI. [JAN-6361]

  • Improved support for emails and other Exchange objects with a custom ItemClass. [JAN-6192]

  • Improved handling for deleting backup selection entries. [JAN-6488]

  • Improved checking for existence of a SharePoint List when restoring. [JAN-6138]

  • Improved security so that EWS troubleshooting calls cannot be made unless the customer enables the Support Access toggle. [JAN-6651]

  • Added User and Mailbox column on the Search Results page. [JAN-6548]

  • Improved the Reports page layout. [JAN-5875]

  • Fixed to retrieve accurate results in the UI for the number of items found. [JAN-6566]

  • Fixed to use the correct siteWebURL when backing up and restoring SharePoint site permissions. [JAN-6601]

  • Fixed an issue preventing notification emails to be sent in certain scenarios. [JAN-6427]

  • Fixed an issue that caused warnings if the OneNote page attachments have an empty URL. [JAN-6508]

  • Fixed an issue where Community Portal SharePoint sites were not restoring correctly. [JAN-5932]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (September 2021)

  • Improved incremental backup performance for certain large shares. [JAN-2847]
  • Fixed to ensure MSFT URLs with and without trailing slash are treated the same. [JAN-5884]
  • Improved handling of Exchange items that MSFT cannot convert to MIME format. [JAN-6062]
  • Reduced incremental backup duplication for items that did not change in a meaningful way. [JAN-1327]
  • Added a link to the Settings page to allow the user to change their cookie preferences. [JAN-5437]
  • Enabled OneTrust cookie consent popup when loading the UI. [JAN-6008]
  • Added specific error types for restore errors. [JAN-5222]
  • Fixed an issue where the Protect table would fail to load additional data due to an existing data set not being large enough to trigger a scroll bar event. [JAN-6239]
  • Fixed a styling issue where the BCC wrapper would cause unnecessary scroll bars. [JAN-6156]
  • Added new Issue type for specific errors for end user visibility. [JAN-6094]
  • Fixed an issue to check that Notebook exists if it is an original restore. [JAN-6163]
  • Fixed an issue where Sections/Section Groups were not restored in alphabetical order. [JAN-6186]
  • Fixed an issue to ensure the proper structure is enforced when selections are configured through the Settings page. [JAN-5389]
  • Fixed an issue where the Activate Serial dialog box no longer refreshes the page on error. [JAN-6007]
  • Fixed an issue where a SharePoint or Teams restore of a file or folder into an already existing folder would skip all items and subitems. [JAN-6045]
  • Fixed an issue for restores where MSFT taking excessive time to provision the Files Folder for a Private Team causes backups of that Private Team to hang. [JAN-5707]
  • Fixed an error that occurs when the web checks for 'Consent Status' tenant permission that has not yet been authorized in the backup app with Microsoft. [JAN-5976]
  • Fixed an issue where some folders with over 100 items are not displaying all backed up items in the Protect table. [JAN-5835]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (August 2021)

  • Daily Summary report functionality now available. [JAN-5236]

  • Improved search stability and performance by allocating additional resources. [JAN-5871]

  • Reduced Throttle activity in backup and restore jobs. [JAN-3936]

  • Summary emails now have a warning icon for jobs that ended with a warning. [JAN-5819]

  • An authentication failure to a tenant no longer leads to a job failing to complete. [JAN-817]

  • SharePoint data source does not back up Teams sites (sites with template 'Group') if they are already backed up by the Teams data source. [JAN-4728]

  • Ignore any RSS items in a user mailbox. [JAN-5720]

  • Improved search performance. [JAN-5477]

  • Improved search results performance. [JAN-5778]

  • Fixed an issue where some accounts did not load properly if they did not have a time zone set. [JAN-5953]

  • Fixed an issue where some Teams restore were failing when restoring items to an existing folder. [JAN-5691]

  • A user removed from a permission set in SharePoint will no longer generate a warning on the next backup. [JAN-5818]

  • Fixed issue where some errored jobs would loop indefinitely. [JAN-5476]

  • Footer no longer overlaps the last item in a full page of items. [JAN-5747]

  • Fixed to correctly handle external users in SharePoint permissions. [JAN-5721]

  • Fixed to report as Error instead of Warning for an error during root enumeration that causes the enumeration to fail. [JAN-5656]

  • Fixed to prevent ancestorCreated metadata from being attached to backed up items and cause issues during restore. [JAN-5692]

  • Teams/Group mailbox restores will no longer erroneously warn about the Clutter folder. [JAN-5690]

  • Principal types that cannot be restored for SharePoint permissions are not backed up. This prevents warning on the principal objects that cannot be restored. [JAN-5663]

  • Correctly handle SharePoint sites with 'zero' guids as part of the full SiteId. [JAN-5655]

  • Files and other SharePoint object are now restored properly, correctly interpreting the flag that says whether an 'ancestor' was created during the restore. [JAN-5529]

  • Fixed bug where restoring data to an alternate location from the search results page does not fail. [JAN-5036]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (July 2021)

  • Added support to backup and restore Teams channels (private and public) and its associated owners, members, and SharePoint site. The customer must reauthorize or activate a new Teams vault to receive this functionality. [JAN-5647]

  • Added support to backup and restore SharePoint permissions on Sites, Subsites, and Lists. [JAN-5634]
  • Added support to send a single daily summary email for all Cloud-to-Cloud Backup jobs to users. [JAN-5129]
  • Improved handling of calculated fields in SharePoint lists during restores. [JAN-5156]
  • Reduced throttling by changing SharePoint concurrency setting. [JAN-5494]
  • Added a new language translation for a failure to download data error messages. [JAN-5396]
  • Improved handling of Teams Channels with no owners. [JAN-5120]
  • Improved searching experience when restoring data to an alternate location. [JAN-4969]
  • Improved handling for mailboxes without an associated 'Recoverable Items' store. [JAN-5409]
  • Improved performance of enumerating sites (or subsites) for lists. [JAN-5079]
  • Added support to run all scheduled jobs for a given timeslot. [JAN-5197]
  • Fixed to remove a false negative error message that occurs on some exchange backup jobs. [JAN-5482]
  • Fixed bug where an item has a field associated but no value, causing errors for this item and folder on every backup. [JAN-5348]
  • Fixed bug that caused some finished jobs not to remain open and not fully terminate [JAN-5119]
  • Fixed a condition where explicit selections could cause backups to not run properly. [JAN-5403]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (June 2021)

  • Improved backup efficiency when a previous backup encounters errors. [JAN-5148]
  • Improved regional performance by spreading jobs out between multiple storage accounts. [Jan-5147]
  • Added detailed error messages when Office 365 returns a forbidden error for SharePoint sites. [JAN-4800]
  • Improved performance for Report page load times. [JAN-4995]
  • Added /logout path to allow list to resolve infinite refresh on token expiration. [JAN-5177]
  • Fixed to prevent writing of Owners/Members to a Team during restore if the Team already exists. [JAN-4933]
  • Fixed an issue where the default timeout of 100secs was being used and very long Graph calls were failing. [Jan-5125]
  • Added handling for an edge case where a page token can expire and require reauthentication. [Jan-5007]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (May 2021)

  • Improved retry logic if backup manifest cannot be created during the scheduled time. [JAN-4625]
  • Improved user interface responsiveness. [JAN-4962]
  • Improved Barracuda Cloud Control support for users without name information. [JAN-2983]
  • Extended timeout value for root node completion. [JAN-4826]
  • Improved user interface to show that alternate locations in the Restore dialog are loading. [JAN-4755]
  • Guest user mailboxes (no content associated with the mailboxes) are excluded during backup and restore instead of being shown as an error. [JAN-4566]
  • An unsupported site type, such as an installed SharePoint app, is now identified as an informational message. [JAN-4509]
  • Improved retry logic for adding search entries during a backup job. [JAN-3160]
  • Removed protection status in backed up items that are inherently protected. [JAN-4912]
  • Restoring a SharePoint list no longer results with a duplicate Description column. [JAN-4882]
  • Teams or Groups with no mailbox or owners now display an information message in the user interface. [JAN-4869]
  • Fixed an issue causing users not to be backed up if the user type is incorrect. [JAN-4872]
  • Informational items in backup reports now show the proper count. [JAN-4611]
  • Fixed an issue from prevent hanging during the Microsoft step to set up an account. [JAN-4679]
  • Filtering is no longer case-sensitive. [JAN-4649]
  • Duplicate entries are removed in search results for backups. [JAN-4651]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (April 2021)

  • Users will receive email notifications when backups/restores/exports have completed. Limited to select customers. [JAN-3350]
  • Improved handling for some SharePoint sites getting an unexpected response code from Microsoft. [JAN-4604]
  • Temporarily disabled Intercom integration. [JAN-4478]
  • Added detailed error and warning messages for several known types of errors and warnings. [JAN-4329]
  • Removed instances of invalid item sizes caused by invalid responses from Microsoft. [JAN-4264]
  • Implemented request timeouts to reduce the number of jobs hanging. [JAN-4235]
  • Fixed an issue that causes the RecoverableItems folder not to be backed up when trying to exclude folders that have restored data. [JAN-4416]
  • Fixed to prevent infinite retries when the Cloud to Cloud Backup App has been deauthorized by the customer. [JAN-4467]
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Teams mailboxes from being backed up if the Team owner's userPrinicipalName value differs from the mail value. [JAN-4502]
  • Fixed to not retry when a notFound error on a SharePoint item occurs because the item was removed between the time the drive was enumerated and the item was backed up. [JAN-4193]
  • Fixed an issue where some restores would fail due to incomplete requests. [JAN-3600]
  • Protect table data scrolling, searching, and filtering work as expected.  [JAN-4056]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (March 2021)

  • Added backup and restore support for the Recoverable Items folders in Exchange (Deletions, Purges, DiscoveryHolds, etc). [JAN-3676]
  • Added an audit log event for adding a user to the account through the user interface. [JAN-4209]
  • Improved performance for scheduler load times. [JAN-3527]
  • Automatically retry connect to Microsoft steps if there is a failure in authorization propagation. [JAN-3680]
  • Allow adding users by email address for email addresses with non-safe URL characters. [JAN-3734]
  • Improved validity checking of incoming metadata of items before taking action. [JAN-4102]
  • Improved query performance for Protect table to reduce load times for large folders. [JAN-4163]
  • Improved performance for Protect table load times. [JAN-3959]
  • Updated support toggle auto-shutoff from 3 days to 7 days. [JAN-3907]
  • Teams without a mail enabled owner have data outside of the Team mailbox backed up. [JAN-3626]
  • Events in the Audit log performed by Barracuda Networks Technical Support will now display "Barracuda Networks Support" with a proper support email address instead of "Unknown". [JAN-3354]
  • Customers are now allowed to add new users to their account by email address. [JAN-3349]
  • Clearly identify actions taken by support in the Audit log. [JAN-4093]
  • Improved retry logic to further reduce errors in backups and restores. [JAN-3227]
  • Restoring items under Recoverable Items no longer include a "restored" suffix appended to the folder name. [JAN-4047]
  • Folders with incorrect data size no longer cause an issue when setting the expected maximum read download time. [JAN-4071]
  • Fixed an issue where a Teams privacy setting was not being honored during restore. [JAN-3954]
  • Fixed an issue causing multiple data sources of the same type to be configured. [JAN-2977]
  • Fixed an issue causing serial activation to fail. [JAN-3322]
  • Restores are allowed to continue restoring items after encountering non-fatal errors. [JAN-1723]
  • If a Teams SharePoint item is throttled, or has a file hash mismatch, retries with an incorrect path details no longer occur. [JAN-3953]
  • Improved error messaging when the application fails to retrieve Protect table data. [JAN-3912]
  • Fixed an issue where a Team SharePoint site with a subsite created would not allow the subsite to be restored. [JAN-3934]
  • Filtering for emails with attachments will now show emails with attachments. [JAN-4004]
  • Filtering for PDF file types will now show PDF file types. [JAN-3991]
  • Jobs that encounter unlicensed O365 tenants will now fail with a proper message. [JAN-3839]
  • Shared mailboxes that were converted from licensed mailboxes will now be properly identified and backed up. [JAN-3611]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (February 2021)

  • Added an entry to the Audit log to specify when an Export job has started. [JAN-2051]
  • Improved handling of cases where items changed between enumeration and fetch. [JAN-3251]
  • Fixed an issue causing Teams restore not to complete successfully due to an error in the Clutter folder. [JAN-3555]

  • Fixed an issue where a SharePoint job would succeed with nothing backed up if the SharePoint tenant did not have a valid SharePoint Online license. [JAN-3234]

What's New in Version 3 

Currently available for new customers only. Existing customers will migrate to Version 3 over the coming months.

New Features
  • New modern cloud Backup platform providing 10 times faster backup and restore speeds.
  • New redesigned user interface with a 1 second maximum page load time.
  • Brand new account setup experience from initial setup to backup in less than 5 minutes.
  • Enhanced search and filter options across Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams.
  • Backup and restore items in SharePoint, including:
    • All sites and subsites.
    • All libraries, lists, site pages, and wiki pages.
    • Files and folders including metadata.
  • Backup and restore Exchange archive mailboxes.
  • Expanded Teams support, including:
    • Granular recovery.
    • Teams metadata including members.
    • Office 365 group mailbox and site.
  • New support access button to control who can securely access your backup data.
Known Issues
  • Export functionality only works for files.
    • Export will be extended to cover accounts and folders in a future release.
  • Restore to alternate location popup is not a searchable list.
    • The alternate location will be a searchable field in a future release.
  • Exchange requires a full email address in the From field under the Filter button.
  • Unable to adjust a backup schedule or retention policies.
    • Planned for a future release.
    • All data will be retained with unlimited retention until a future release is available.
  • Unable to set up email notifications for alerts and backup failures.
    • Planned for a future release.

See also Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.

We have resolved an issue impacting some customers in which an error may occur during Exchange backups.