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Version 3 Release Notes

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What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (October 2021)

  • Added User and Mailbox column on the Search Results page. [JAN-6548]

  • Improved the Reports page layout. [JAN-5875]

  • Fixed an issue preventing notification emails to be sent in certain scenarios. [JAN-6427]

  • Fixed an issue that caused warnings if the OneNote page attachments have an empty URL. [JAN-6508]

  • Fixed an issue where Community Portal SharePoint sites were not restoring correctly. [JAN-5932]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (September 2021)

  • Improved incremental backup performance for certain large shares. [JAN-2847]
  • Fixed to ensure MSFT URLs with and without trailing slash are treated the same. [JAN-5884]
  • Improved handling of Exchange items that MSFT cannot convert to MIME format. [JAN-6062]
  • Reduced incremental backup duplication for items that did not change in a meaningful way. [JAN-1327]
  • Added a link to the Settings page to allow the user to change their cookie preferences. [JAN-5437]
  • Enabled OneTrust cookie consent popup when loading the UI. [JAN-6008]
  • Added specific error types for restore errors. [JAN-5222]
  • Fixed an issue where the Protect table would fail to load additional data due to an existing data set not being large enough to trigger a scroll bar event. [JAN-6239]
  • Fixed a styling issue where the BCC wrapper would cause unnecessary scroll bars. [JAN-6156]
  • Added new Issue type for specific errors for end user visibility. [JAN-6094]
  • Fixed an issue to check that Notebook exists if it is an original restore. [JAN-6163]
  • Fixed an issue where Sections/Section Groups were not restored in alphabetical order. [JAN-6186]
  • Fixed an issue to ensure the proper structure is enforced when selections are configured through the Settings page. [JAN-5389]
  • Fixed an issue where the Activate Serial dialog box no longer refreshes the page on error. [JAN-6007]
  • Fixed an issue where a SharePoint or Teams restore of a file or folder into an already existing folder would skip all items and subitems. [JAN-6045]
  • Fixed an issue for restores where MSFT taking excessive time to provision the Files Folder for a Private Team causes backups of that Private Team to hang. [JAN-5707]
  • Fixed an error that occurs when the web checks for 'Consent Status' tenant permission that has not yet been authorized in the backup app with Microsoft. [JAN-5976]
  • Fixed an issue where some folders with over 100 items are not displaying all backed up items in the Protect table. [JAN-5835]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (August 2021)

  • Daily Summary report functionality now available. [JAN-5236]

  • Improved search stability and performance by allocating additional resources. [JAN-5871]

  • Reduced Throttle activity in backup and restore jobs. [JAN-3936]

  • Summary emails now have a warning icon for jobs that ended with a warning. [JAN-5819]

  • An authentication failure to a tenant no longer leads to a job failing to complete. [JAN-817]

  • SharePoint data source does not back up Teams sites (sites with template 'Group') if they are already backed up by the Teams data source. [JAN-4728]

  • Ignore any RSS items in a user mailbox. [JAN-5720]

  • Improved search performance. [JAN-5477]

  • Improved search results performance. [JAN-5778]

  • Fixed an issue where some accounts did not load properly if they did not have a time zone set. [JAN-5953]

  • Fixed an issue where some Teams restore were failing when restoring items to an existing folder. [JAN-5691]

  • A user removed from a permission set in SharePoint will no longer generate a warning on the next backup. [JAN-5818]

  • Fixed issue where some errored jobs would loop indefinitely. [JAN-5476]

  • Footer no longer overlaps the last item in a full page of items. [JAN-5747]

  • Fixed to correctly handle external users in SharePoint permissions. [JAN-5721]

  • Fixed to report as Error instead of Warning for an error during root enumeration that causes the enumeration to fail. [JAN-5656]

  • Fixed to prevent ancestorCreated metadata from being attached to backed up items and cause issues during restore. [JAN-5692]

  • Teams/Group mailbox restores will no longer erroneously warn about the Clutter folder. [JAN-5690]

  • Principal types that cannot be restored for SharePoint permissions are not backed up. This prevents warning on the principal objects that cannot be restored. [JAN-5663]

  • Correctly handle SharePoint sites with 'zero' guids as part of the full SiteId. [JAN-5655]

  • Files and other SharePoint object are now restored properly, correctly interpreting the flag that says whether an 'ancestor' was created during the restore. [JAN-5529]

  • Fixed bug where restoring data to an alternate location from the search results page does not fail. [JAN-5036]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (July 2021)

  • Added support to backup and restore Teams channels (private and public) and its associated owners, members, and SharePoint site. The customer must reauthorize or activate a new Teams vault to receive this functionality. [JAN-5647]

  • Added support to backup and restore SharePoint permissions on Sites, Subsites, and Lists. [JAN-5634]
  • Added support to send a single daily summary email for all Cloud-to-Cloud Backup jobs to users. [JAN-5129]
  • Improved handling of calculated fields in SharePoint lists during restores. [JAN-5156]
  • Reduced throttling by changing SharePoint concurrency setting. [JAN-5494]
  • Added a new language translation for a failure to download data error messages. [JAN-5396]
  • Improved handling of Teams Channels with no owners. [JAN-5120]
  • Improved searching experience when restoring data to an alternate location. [JAN-4969]
  • Improved handling for mailboxes without an associated 'Recoverable Items' store. [JAN-5409]
  • Improved performance of enumerating sites (or subsites) for lists. [JAN-5079]
  • Added support to run all scheduled jobs for a given timeslot. [JAN-5197]
  • Fixed to remove a false negative error message that occurs on some exchange backup jobs. [JAN-5482]
  • Fixed bug where an item has a field associated but no value, causing errors for this item and folder on every backup. [JAN-5348]
  • Fixed bug that caused some finished jobs not to remain open and not fully terminate [JAN-5119]
  • Fixed a condition where explicit selections could cause backups to not run properly. [JAN-5403]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (June 2021)

  • Improved backup efficiency when a previous backup encounters errors. [JAN-5148]
  • Improved regional performance by spreading jobs out between multiple storage accounts. [Jan-5147]
  • Added detailed error messages when Office 365 returns a forbidden error for SharePoint sites. [JAN-4800]
  • Improved performance for Report page load times. [JAN-4995]
  • Added /logout path to allow list to resolve infinite refresh on token expiration. [JAN-5177]
  • Fixed to prevent writing of Owners/Members to a Team during restore if the Team already exists. [JAN-4933]
  • Fixed an issue where the default timeout of 100secs was being used and very long Graph calls were failing. [Jan-5125]
  • Added handling for an edge case where a page token can expire and require reauthentication. [Jan-5007]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (May 2021)

  • Improved retry logic if backup manifest cannot be created during the scheduled time. [JAN-4625]
  • Improved user interface responsiveness. [JAN-4962]
  • Improved Barracuda Cloud Control support for users without name information. [JAN-2983]
  • Extended timeout value for root node completion. [JAN-4826]
  • Improved user interface to show that alternate locations in the Restore dialog are loading. [JAN-4755]
  • Guest user mailboxes (no content associated with the mailboxes) are excluded during backup and restore instead of being shown as an error. [JAN-4566]
  • An unsupported site type, such as an installed SharePoint app, is now identified as an informational message. [JAN-4509]
  • Improved retry logic for adding search entries during a backup job. [JAN-3160]
  • Removed protection status in backed up items that are inherently protected. [JAN-4912]
  • Restoring a SharePoint list no longer results with a duplicate Description column. [JAN-4882]
  • Teams or Groups with no mailbox or owners now display an information message in the user interface. [JAN-4869]
  • Fixed an issue causing users not to be backed up if the user type is incorrect. [JAN-4872]
  • Informational items in backup reports now show the proper count. [JAN-4611]
  • Fixed an issue from prevent hanging during the Microsoft step to set up an account. [JAN-4679]
  • Filtering is no longer case-sensitive. [JAN-4649]
  • Duplicate entries are removed in search results for backups. [JAN-4651]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (April 2021)

  • Users will receive email notifications when backups/restores/exports have completed. Limited to select customers. [JAN-3350]
  • Improved handling for some SharePoint sites getting an unexpected response code from Microsoft. [JAN-4604]
  • Temporarily disabled Intercom integration. [JAN-4478]
  • Added detailed error and warning messages for several known types of errors and warnings. [JAN-4329]
  • Removed instances of invalid item sizes caused by invalid responses from Microsoft. [JAN-4264]
  • Implemented request timeouts to reduce the number of jobs hanging. [JAN-4235]
  • Fixed an issue that causes the RecoverableItems folder not to be backed up when trying to exclude folders that have restored data. [JAN-4416]
  • Fixed to prevent infinite retries when the Cloud to Cloud Backup App has been deauthorized by the customer. [JAN-4467]
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Teams mailboxes from being backed up if the Team owner's userPrinicipalName value differs from the mail value. [JAN-4502]
  • Fixed to not retry when a notFound error on a SharePoint item occurs because the item was removed between the time the drive was enumerated and the item was backed up. [JAN-4193]
  • Fixed an issue where some restores would fail due to incomplete requests. [JAN-3600]
  • Protect table data scrolling, searching, and filtering work as expected.  [JAN-4056]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (March 2021)

  • Added backup and restore support for the Recoverable Items folders in Exchange (Deletions, Purges, DiscoveryHolds, etc). [JAN-3676]
  • Added an audit log event for adding a user to the account through the user interface. [JAN-4209]
  • Improved performance for scheduler load times. [JAN-3527]
  • Automatically retry connect to Microsoft steps if there is a failure in authorization propagation. [JAN-3680]
  • Allow adding users by email address for email addresses with non-safe URL characters. [JAN-3734]
  • Improved validity checking of incoming metadata of items before taking action. [JAN-4102]
  • Improved query performance for Protect table to reduce load times for large folders. [JAN-4163]
  • Improved performance for Protect table load times. [JAN-3959]
  • Updated support toggle auto-shutoff from 3 days to 7 days. [JAN-3907]
  • Teams without a mail enabled owner have data outside of the Team mailbox backed up. [JAN-3626]
  • Events in the Audit log performed by Barracuda Support will now display "Barracuda Support" with a proper support email address instead of "Unknown". [JAN-3354]
  • Customers are now allowed to add new users to their account by email address. [JAN-3349]
  • Clearly identify actions taken by support in the Audit log. [JAN-4093]
  • Improved retry logic to further reduce errors in backups and restores. [JAN-3227]
  • Restoring items under Recoverable Items no longer include a "restored" suffix appended to the folder name. [JAN-4047]
  • Folders with incorrect data size no longer cause an issue when setting the expected maximum read download time. [JAN-4071]
  • Fixed an issue where a Teams privacy setting was not being honored during restore. [JAN-3954]
  • Fixed an issue causing multiple data sources of the same type to be configured. [JAN-2977]
  • Fixed an issue causing serial activation to fail. [JAN-3322]
  • Restores are allowed to continue restoring items after encountering non-fatal errors. [JAN-1723]
  • If a Teams SharePoint item is throttled, or has a file hash mismatch, retries with an incorrect path details no longer occur. [JAN-3953]
  • Improved error messaging when the application fails to retrieve Protect table data. [JAN-3912]
  • Fixed an issue where a Team SharePoint site with a subsite created would not allow the subsite to be restored. [JAN-3934]
  • Filtering for emails with attachments will now show emails with attachments. [JAN-4004]
  • Filtering for PDF file types will now show PDF file types. [JAN-3991]
  • Jobs that encounter unlicensed O365 tenants will now fail with a proper message. [JAN-3839]
  • Shared mailboxes that were converted from licensed mailboxes will now be properly identified and backed up. [JAN-3611]

What's New in Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Version 3 (February 2021)

  • Added an entry to the Audit log to specify when an Export job has started. [JAN-2051]
  • Improved handling of cases where items changed between enumeration and fetch. [JAN-3251]
  • Fixed an issue causing Teams restore not to complete successfully due to an error in the Clutter folder. [JAN-3555]

  • Fixed an issue where a SharePoint job would succeed with nothing backed up if the SharePoint tenant did not have a valid SharePoint Online license. [JAN-3234]

What's New in Version 3 

Currently available for new customers only. Existing customers will migrate to Version 3 over the coming months.

New Features
  • New modern cloud Backup platform providing 10 times faster backup and restore speeds.
  • New redesigned user interface with a 1 second maximum page load time.
  • Brand new account setup experience from initial setup to backup in less than 5 minutes.
  • Enhanced search and filter options across Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams.
  • Backup and restore items in SharePoint, including:
    • All sites and subsites.
    • All libraries, lists, site pages, and wiki pages.
    • Files and folders including metadata.
  • Backup and restore Exchange archive mailboxes.
  • Expanded Teams support, including:
    • Granular recovery.
    • Teams metadata including members.
    • Office 365 group mailbox and site.
  • New support access button to control who can securely access your backup data.
Known Issues
  • Export functionality only works for files.
    • Export will be extended to cover accounts and folders in a future release.
  • Restore to alternate location popup is not a searchable list.
    • The alternate location will be a searchable field in a future release.
  • Exchange requires a full email address in the From field under the Filter button.
  • Unable to adjust a backup schedule or retention policies.
    • Planned for a future release.
    • All data will be retained with unlimited retention until a future release is available.
  • Unable to set up email notifications for alerts and backup failures.
    • Planned for a future release.

See also Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.

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