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Barracuda ECHOplatform

Deleting Files and Folders Backup Data

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Deleted data is completely purged and cannot be accessed or restored.

To delete Files and Folders backup data, perform the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the Computer page. See Navigating to the Computer Page for instructions.
    The Computer page is displayed.

  2. Select the Delete tab.
    The Delete Selections page is displayed.

  3. Select Files and Folders.
    The Delete page is displayed.

  4. Select the backup type you want to browse by clicking the relevant radio button as described in the following table.

    By Folder Hierarchy

    Browse the hierarchy of the files and folders you originally backed up to select the data you want to delete.

    By Daily Snapshots

    View data by dates and delete specific instances.

    By Backup Sets

    Browse the files and folders you want to delete by viewing them organized by the backup sets you created.

    Stray Files

    Delete files no longer being backed up.

  5. For example, select the Daily Snapshots banner.
    The Snapshots from the last 7 days are displayed.

  6. Select the Snapshot radio button of the file you want to delete.
    Clicking the arrow image036.jpg at the right of the items displays more files and folders.

    You can only delete from one daily snapshot and device/share at a time. Selecting a different snapshot clears your current selection.

  7. Click the View All Selected Items button to display and remove any selections.
    The All Selected Items pop-up is displayed.

    1. Click the remove image038.jpg icon to remove items from your selection.

    You may only remove items from the list.

  8. To apply changes made in the pop-up, click the Save button.
    Clicking Save commits the changes, closes the pop-up, and returns you to the Selection page.
    Clicking the Cancel button ignores changes made in the pop-up list and returns you to the Selection page.
  9. When satisfied with your selection, click the Delete button.
    The Delete confirmation pop-up is displayed.

  10. Click the Yes button.

The Delete Selections page is displayed with the latest deletion.