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Barracuda ECHOplatform

Task 7. Adding Custom Fields to Link ECHOplatform Accounts to ConnectWise Companies

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To avoid a conflict linking an ECHO account to a ConnectWise Company when the Company ID Field is already in use for an existing third-party integration Partners must add a custom field to the ConnectWise Company Overview page.

To add the custom field, perform the following steps.

  1. In the ConnectWise Manage Portal select System, Setup Tables, Custom Fields, Company Overview.
  2. In the Field Caption field, type the New Custom Field named called “echo_username “ as shown in the example below.

    image2022-1-11 15:28:33.png
  3. Click Save.
  4. In the ConnectWise Manage Portal select Company, Company Search, Company.

    • The ECHO account username must be unique for each company so the ECHO account can link with the ConnectWise Company.
    • The ECHO account username entered in the "echo_username" Custom Field must be identical to the ECHO account username. 
    • The echo_username field should only be populated if it is different from the Company ID.
  5. In the field called "echo_username" type the ECHO account username, as shown below.

    image2022-1-11 15:30:57.png
  6. Click Save.
  7. Refresh the ConnectWise Integration page.
    Your account is displayed with updated Link Status and with an Edit button to make any future modifications to your preferences, as shown in the example below.

    image2022-1-11 15:31:51.png
    The Company profile is displayed.

    image2022-1-11 15:32:33.png
  8. Click the Agreements tab.
    The Agreement Search page is displayed.

    image2022-1-11 15:33:17.png
  9. Click the Agreement Type link.
    The Agreement Type List is displayed, as shown in the following example.

    image2022-1-11 15:33:59.png
  10. Click the agreement you want to modify, click the Additions tab, and then click the New Item  icon.
    The Agreement Addition page is displayed.

    image2022-1-11 15:34:36.png
  11. At the Less Include field, type the number of included units (either GBs or local backup subscriptions, depending on which addition you are editing), as shown below.

    image2022-1-11 15:35:30.png
  12. Click the Save icon, as shown below.

    image2022-1-11 15:36:3.png


For IBU users, go to Task 8. Entering ConnectWise Credentials in ECHOplatform.

For MSP App users, go to Setting Up ConnectWise Manage Integrations.