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Step 6 - Routing Inbound Mail

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The next step in setting up your Barracuda Email Security Gateway is to route incoming email to the system so it can scan incoming messages for spam and viruses. Note that inbound mail will be blocked if the domain receiving the mail has not been configured on the Email Security Gateway. To configure domains, see Creating and Managing Domains.

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You can use either of the following methods to route messages to your Barracuda Email Security Gateway:

  • Use port forwarding to redirect incoming SMTP traffic (port 25) to the Barracuda Email Security Gateway if it is installed behind a corporate firewall running NAT (Network Address Translation). For more information about port forwarding, refer to your firewall documentation or network administrator.
  • MX records are used when your Barracuda Email Security Gateway is located in a DMZ with a routeable public IP address. If your Barracuda Email Security Gateway is in the DMZ (not protected by your corporate firewall), do the following to route incoming messages to the system:
  1. Create a DNS entry for your Barracuda Email Security Gateway. The following example shows a DNS entry for a Barracuda Email Security Gateway with a name of barracuda and an IP address of

    barracuda.yourdomain.com   IN   A

  2. Change your DNS MX Records. The following example shows the associated MX record with a priority number of 10:

    IN MX 10 barracuda.yourdomain.com

    You can configure specific SMTP settings from the ADVANCED > Email Protocol page. After you route incoming email to the Barracuda Email Security Gateway, it will begin filtering all email it receives and routing good email to your mail server.

Testing Spam and Virus Scanning With a Local User Set

With the Barracuda Email Security Gateway 400 and higher, you have the option to use the Explicit Users to Scan For feature to test a subset of locally defined users before fully deploying the Barracuda Email Security Gateway. See the ADVANCED > Explicit Users page.

To tune your spam settings, continue with How to Tune and Monitor the Default Spam and Virus Settings.

If you will be routing outbound mail through the Barracuda Email Security Gateway, continue with Routing Outbound Mail.

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