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How to Migrate From Postini to the Barracuda Email Security Gateway

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Barracuda strongly recommends consulting with your reseller or a Barracuda sales representative prior to migration. To migrate your list of users and domains from Postini to the Barracuda Email Security Gateway:

Add Domains

  1. Export your domains from Postini to a CSV file.
  2. Add the domains. You can either manually add each domain or add multiple domains at one time.
    • To manually add each domain, go to the DOMAINS > Domain Manager page.
    • To add all of your domains at one time from the CSV file, use the Barracuda Email Security Gateway API. For more information, see the Use Case – Adding and Configuring Multiple Domains section in the Barracuda Email Security Gateway API Guide.
  3. Configure the per-domain and per-user settings for each domain. On the  DOMAINS > Domain Manager  page, click Manage Domain  for each domain that you are configuring. The default destination server for the domains is configured in the  Server Name/IP  field on the  BASIC > IP Configuration  page.

Add Users

  1. Export your list of user email accounts from Postini to a CSV file, with one address per line.
  2. Add users. You can add all of your users at one time from the CSV file with either the Barracuda Email Security Gateway web interface or the Barracuda Email Security Gateway API.
    • In the Barracuda Email Security Gateway web interface, go to the USERS > User Add/Update page, paste the contents of your CSV file into the User Account(s) text box, and then click Save Changes.
    • If you prefer to use the Barracuda Email Security Gateway API, use the user.create method in a loop with a Java, Perl, or similar type of script. For details, see the Barracuda Email Security Gateway API Guide.
  3. On the USERS > User Add/Update page, configure the following settings for all of the users that you have created:
    • Enable User(s) Quarantine – Select Yes to create a quarantine account for users, or No to disable specified quarantine accounts. Disabled quarantine accounts will not quarantine any new messages, but any pre-existing quarantined messages will still be accessible. Any user preferences (such as Whitelist/Blocklist) allowed to users by the administrator will also be available.
    • Email New User(s)  – Email new account login information to users when their users accounts are created. For details, click  Help on the USERS > User Add/Update page.
Users can only be added as the primary address (no aliases). To manage multiple quarantine inboxes with one primary account if you are using per-user quarantine, use the Alias Linking feature. You can enter multiple email addresses to be linked (aliased) to that primary account. Create aliases on the ADVANCED > Explicit Users page. For more information about the Alias Linking feature, see Quarantine Options. For more details about adding and managing users, see Creating and Managing Accounts.

Add Policies

To configure policies for the users and domains that you have added, go to the pages under the BLOCK/ACCEPT tab. To add multiple policies at one time (e.g., add multiple blocked domains), click Bulk Edit on these pages.


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