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Reports Page

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Use the Reports page to view backup and restore details as well as an audit log of all activities in the Barracuda Cloud Backup web interface. 

Reports > Backup

Barracuda Backup provides a detailed report for each backup that is run. In addition, any backup process currently running displays. Backup reports include details about the backup such as when the backup started, duration, size, if there were any errors or warnings, and any new, changed, or removed items. Reports also include links to each backed up file to view or download the item from the report. Click Details to view recent activity in chart form. You can also view a list of backed up files including the number of new, changed, and removed files, as well as a list of any errors encountered during backup.

Click Download the report as a .csv file to your local system.

Reports > Restore

You can view restoration details in the Reports > Restore page. To specify how you want to sort the table, click on a heading, and then click on the up/down arrows to the right of each heading to specify either an ascending or descending sort.

Click Details to view all details for the selected restoration including any encountered errors.  

Reports > Audit

The Reports > Audit Log page displays a report of all activities in the Barracuda Cloud Backup web interface by time and date, by user, and by action. Logged activity includes log on authentication, changes to settings, changes to account information, and more.

Click Details for additional information for a specific activity.

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