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ATP Log Details

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If you make setting changes, allow a few minutes for the changes to take effect.

When Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is enabled on the ATP Settings page, inbound email attachments are scanned for threats based on policies configured on the Inbound Settings > Content Policies page. Discovered attachments display in the Overview > ATP Log page, and messages blocked by ATP display in the Message Log.

When ATP determines an attachment contains a threat and blocks the message, Barracuda highly recommends that you review each infected ATP Report before determining whether to deliver the message. Note that you must log in as the admin to deliver a message blocked by ATP.

Export Messages

You can export that messages currently display in the ATP Log table to a CSV file. Click Export List as CSV to save the file to your local system.

Filter Messages

You can filter messages for a single domain or across all domains. Additionally, you can filter by status, time, and file type.

Search Messages

Use the search field to filter messages in the ATP Log table. Search on the sender email address, recipient email address, email subject line, or attachment file name or file type.

ATP Log Table

The ATP Log table displays the following details about scanned message attachments:

  • Status – Displays the message status as determined by ATP:
    • Clean – No viruses were found during scan.
    • Suspicious – Attachment determined to be suspicious.
    • Infected – One or more threats detected.
    • Scanning – If Enable Advanced Threat Protection is set to Deliver First, then Scan on the ATP Settings page, the status displays as Scanning until the ATP service determines whether the attachment is determined to be Clean, Infected, or Suspicious. Once the scan is complete, the status updates accordingly.
    • Error – The ATP service returned an error and the attachment health was not determined. The message should not be delivered.
  • Time – Date and time message was processed.
  • From – Sender email address; this may not match address in the header that mail clients display to the end-user.
  • To – Recipient email address(es).
  • Subject – Click to go to the Message Log where you can click on the message for additional details.
  • File Name – Attachment name.
  • File Type – Attachment file type.
  • Report – Click to view the ATP report for the selected message.
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