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Virus Scanning and the Barracuda Email Security Service

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
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Barracuda Email Security Services All Firmware

When mail comes into the Barracuda Email Security Service it is scanned for viruses.
If the message contains an UNKNOWN VIRUS it will be delivered.
When you access the Barracuda Email Security Service (BESS) message log you will often see DELIVERED mail with this as the body content
   Virus detected. This message cannot be displayed.
BESS, in an effort to protect our users, rescans all messages before displaying them in the GUI. If a message that was delivered is now seen as a virus we display the above information. If you view the SOURCE of the message you will see the last line of the header showing the reason the message is now blocked.
   X-Virus-Identifiers: BN.ZeroHour-4445882521949
The above line is the reason the mail is being blocked NOW. If the mail was originally delivered that reason would not have been in the original message header.
Barracuda Networks is constantly updating their virus definitions. Mail that was originally delivered with an unknown virus will be undeliverable when rescanned with the newer definitions in place.
Because there are so many new viruses being generated every day it is good practice to not rely on a single virus protection service for your network.

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