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Barracuda Essentials

When are BESS quarantine notifications delivered to users?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 4 years ago
Solution #00006441

This solution applies to the Barracuda Email Security Service

The quarantine notification JOB is created based on one of the following rules:

  1. A random time set when the account was created.
  2. The day and time configured in the custom settings.

The JOB is what tells the BESS system to check the users account for any new quarantined mail and, if there is, to send a notification to the user.

This process, depending on how busy the system is and the number of JOBs created that hour, can take quite a while to complete. Delays of an hour or more are not uncommon.

If you are using custom settings for quarantine notifications, we recommend that you set the time 2 hours before you actually want the notification and then adjust as necessary.

Please note that quarantine notifications only go out when you have new, unseen quarantine mail in your account log.

If the user or administrator has the notices set for Daily or Weekly, the quarantine notification will go out based on the random time set when the account was created. Only the custom setting can be used to adjust when quarantine notifications go out and, as previously stated, the time to generate this notification after the JOB is created can be several hours.

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