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Barracuda Load Balancer

What's New in the Barracuda Load Balancer

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What's New in Version 4.2


New and updated deployment guides:

Load Balancing
  • On the ADVANCED > System Settings page, added option for persistence across HTTP and HTTPS services.
  • Configure redirect rules across HTTP/HTTPS services. 
  • In settings for Layer 7 - HTTP and Layer 7 - HTTPS services, added option for ignoring the Expect header while buffering HTTP requests.
  • Configure multiple physically segregated networks.
  • Configure link Bonds.
  • Configure WAN and/or LAN IP address on a VLAN or link bond.
  • Configure a default gateway on the MGMT port.
  • 10G interface support. 
  • Service monitor HTTP tests now include the ability to perform a POST request. 
  • Added option to select an interface when performing a Ping test. 
  • Added host header to Microsoft SharePoint authentication check.
  • SNMP trap generation when available memory is less than 25%. 
  • Support for TCP keepalive probes for Layer 7 services. 
  • Can manually enable or disable standard ciphers. 
  • Specify SSL protocols and ciphers to the front-end SSL. 
  • Specify SSL protocols for the backend SSL.

Added the ability to retain the configuration on secondary system while disjoining two systems in a cluster. 


Layer 7 FTP Proxy Services support using MLSD and MLST.

Web Interface
  • Replaced Protocol column in the Services table on the BASIC > Server Health page with Service Type. 
  • Support to enable VDI on a service through web interface. 
  • Ability to add servers and server monitoring specific to content rules

Fixes and Enhancements

For detailed information on the fixes and enhancements included in the Barracuda Load Balancer version 4.2, see: