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Barracuda RMM
formerly Managed Workplace

Sharing Sensitive Information with the Barracuda RMM Support Team

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The Barracuda RMM Support Team commonly asks you for information that can be deemed sensitive. This can be seemingly innocuous information like GUIDs from within your Barracuda RMM Service Center to the requirement for us to access your environment through credentials you set up for us. We also ask for logs frequently, and some of these logs can include identification information for devices and your environment. To help safeguard partners, the Barracuda RMM Support Team has two layers of protection we ask that you utilize.

Barracuda RMM Support Team Note

Both of these will need to be done after engaging the Barracuda RMM Support Team so that we know they are coming in.

Submitting logs for Analysis

We ask that you do not email logs directly to the Barracuda RMM Support queue for your protection and that of your environment. Rather, we ask that you upload them directly to our S3 Bucket as hosted in the AWS Cloud. Please follow the article on Collecting logs for Barracuda RMM Support.

Sharing Credentials or Sensitive information

Please use our secure sharing service when sharing information you deem sensitive or log-in credentials. Please follow these steps:

  • Contact Barracuda RMM Support and make us aware you will be sending us time-sensitive information
  • Access the PWShare link
  • Put protected information in the dialogue box
  • Click on Share and send the Barracuda RMM Support team the unique URL

As the information you send this way expires either after six views or within one hour, we ask that you be patient if we ask you to submit it again.