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Barracuda RMM
formerly Managed Workplace

Deploying SentinelOne with Barracuda RMM

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With the integration of SentinelOne into Barracuda RMM, we have three different routes to deploy SentinelOne.  The assumption is that you have already gone through the Linking SentinelOne with Barracuda RMM  integration and have Sites set up. After which, follow the steps below to deploy.

Barracuda RMM Support Note

While sometimes it is not necessary, it is encouraged by the RMM Support Team to remove any possible competing Antivirus Solutions (and complete those vendors' recommendations on cleaning up files, folders and reg keys) and also to disable Windows Defender.

Deploy Directly through Barracuda RMM

  • Click on Configuration
  • Select Integrations
  • Then go to SentinelOne
  • Click the drop-down beside the Site
  • Select Device(s) to install SentinelOne on
    • Any new install, once complete, will give an indicator in that dashboard to do a restart

If installations are failing or stalling, you can try the alternatives below. Using the below can still appear in the Barracuda RMM SentinelOne Integration Dashboard.

Deploy Using Automation in Barracuda RMM

  • Click on Automation
  • Select Run Now
    • You can also select Schedule if you wish to delay the installation
  • Choose an Item from Library
  • Type in SentinelOne
  • Select Instal SentinelOne Agent (Windows)
    • Currently, there is no automated script for deploying on macOS
  • Populate the Site Token
  • Decide if you want to Force Restart on installation completion
    • All devices deploying SentinelOne need a restart to complete
  • Leave the Suite GUID as is
  • Target Devices or Groups and Run the deployment

Deploy Manually on the End Device

  • Log into your SentinelOne Management Console
  • From the left side Nav Menu, select Sentinels
  • Click on Packages from the tabs at the top of the page
  • Download the specific package for the device you are deploying
    • Please note only Barracuda RMM only monitors the Windows and macOS installations
  • Access the end device and install the package

Barracuda RMM Support Note

SentinelOne has an expensive and well-documented Self-Help repository. When logged into your SentinelOne Dashboard, you can access that by clicking Help at the top right and selecting Online Help.