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Points Manager

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The Points Manager is used in conjunction with Event Points Analysis of Results. For additional details, refer to Event Points Analysis.

To open the Points Manager, navigate to System > Points Manager.

Here, you can assign points to each type of event for a different way of viewing event results. You can consider this a basic form of gamification.

Typically, events that are considered positive, like reporting potential spam, are given positive points. Events that are considered to be detrimental, like clicking on a questionable link, are given negative points. Assign the number of positive or negative points based on the perceived impact of the action. Alternatively, you can choose the opposite strategy where a low score is preferable. Assign points based on your own gaming paradigm. Leave a field blank to indicate a zero, or neutral, value.

Assign point values to the following events:

Event TypeDescriptionCommon ValueSample Value
Address Book EntryA user is listed in at least one address book.  neutral 
Email ScheduledAn email is scheduled to be sent to this user as part of a campaign.  neutral 

Email Sent 

An email has been sent as part of a campaign.neutral 

Inbox Bounce Notice 

The campaign email was not delivered to the user; it bounced.  

Inbox Delivery Status 


Inbox Delivery Delayed 

Inbox FW: Incident Response User reported a potentially harmful incident via the Phish Reporting Button.  positive25

Inbox Out of Office 

User sent back an externally facing out-of-office message when the campaign message was received.


Inbox Reply 

User replied to an email in a campaignnegative-3

Training Completed 

User completed training through Security Awareness Training.positive 

Training Passed 

User successfully passed training through Security Awareness Training.positive 

Training Started 

User began training through Security Awareness Training, but has not yet completed it.neutral 

 Web Activity Captcha Form View 

User clicked through a campaign email and completed a Captcha form.  negative-3

Web Activity Click 

User clicked a link in a campaign and visited the landing page.negative-5

Web Activity Feedback From Submitted 

User clicked a link in a campaign and submitting information in a feedback form on the landing page.negative-4

Web Activity Feedback Form View 

User viewed the landing page.neutral/negative 

Web Activity File Download 

User downloaded a file from the landing page.negative


Web Activity File Upload 

User uploaded a file (potentially containing sensitive information) to the landing page.


Web Activity Image View 

User downloaded and viewed an image within the email they were sent.


Web Activity Login Form Password Submitted 

User entered their password on the landing page.negative-8

Web Activity Login Form User Submitted 

User submitted their username on the landing page.negative-8

Web Activity Login Form User/Password Submitted 

User submitted their username and password on the landing page.negative-10

Web Activity Unsubscribe Click 

User clicked the unsubscribe link on the landing page, thus verifying their email.negative-2

Web Activity Unsubscribe Form Submitted 

User completed an unsubscribe form on the landing page, thus verifying their email and other information.negative-5

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