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Approving a Training Campaign, Going Live, and Sending Reminders

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This article is a continuation of the process started in Creating and Running a Training Campaign. Complete the steps in that article before continuing here. 

Try to obtain approval in a timely manner. If a campaign is not approved within 30 days, you might need to return to Stage 1 and regenerate.

Send a Sample Email

As part of the approval process, you might choose to send a test email to make sure the campaign is working as expected.

Note that you can only send a sample email in this stage, the 3. Approve stage. If the campaign is changed to any stage other than 3. Approve, all sample test data is deleted.

  1. After generating, the campaign goes into the Approve stage.
  2. At the top of the page, click Send Sample Email sampleemail.png.
  3. Optional. Enter email addresses, besides yours, one per line, that should receive the test email. A test email will automatically be sent to your address, as the person who logged in.
    Note that if the format of any address is invalid, an error will be reported and none of the sample emails will be sent.
  4. Optional. Adjust the campaign content selections to send different combinations of emails.
  5. Click Send the Email.
    The screen informs you if the sample emails were generated successfully.
  6. If the email(s) were sent successfully, close this window, review the email when it arrives, and proceed with Approve the Campaign, described below.
    If the email(s) were not sent successfully, click Return to the Send Sample Email Form, correct any errors, and try sending the sample email(s) again.
Approve the Campaign
  1. Scroll through the page and review the contents. The following information can be edited or changed.
    • General Settings: Plan
    • General Settings: Campaign Intent
    • Schedule: Cutoff Date
    • Content: Email Templates
    • Landing Page Template
    • Advanced Settings: Hide Campaign Results
    • Advanced Settings: Browse to select image

    Steps 2 and 3 are optional if approval is not required.
  2. In the approval section, select the appropriate status: Pending, Approved, or Rejected.
  3. Add comments about your action, then click Save. The page refreshes.
    • If the campaign is approved, continue with the Go Live section below.
    • If the campaign is not approved, additional changes must be made by you or the campaign creator.
      Note that if approval is not required, it is possible to go live with a Pending or Rejected campaign.
    Steps 4-6 are needed only if an error was found or to fix an issue that caused the campaign to be rejected.
  4. Under General Settings, in the Stage  area, click  Design
  5. Make changes to the campaign, following any comments made during the Approval process, according to the processes described in Creating and Generating an Email Campaign.
  6. Repeat this revision and review cycle as needed.
Go Live

When the campaign is ready, it is time for it to Go Live!

Under General Settings, in the Stage area, click Go Live! 4.golive.png. Click Yes when prompted. The campaign processes, then goes live.

Emails are scheduled to be sent, and you will receive results as soon as they are available.

Sending Reminders

After the end date of the campaign, and before the cutoff date, you can send reminder emails to users who have not yet taken the training.

To send training reminders:

  1. Between the end date and cutoff date of the campaign, open the Campaign Manager and locate the campaign.
  2. Click the pencil icon pencil.png to view edit the campaign. 
  3. At the top of the page, click Resend Training Emails.
  4. Read the message, then click Queue Training Emails. The system checks for users who have not yet completed training.
  5. Read the message and note the number of recipients who will receive the reminder email. To send the emails, click Confirm and Resend Training Email

You can also send a specific reminder email template for training campaigns. Specify it in the settings within the training campaign. For details, refer to Creating and Running a Training Campaign.

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