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4-Week Security Awareness Training Curriculum

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Use the curriculum materials on this page as a four-week training program for your organization – either during Cyber Security Awareness Month, observed each October, or during any four-week period that works for your organization. It's always a good time to develop your organization's Cyber Security Awareness!

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This page has everything you need to make a four-week Security Awareness Training a success for your organization.
Each week features a themed content bundle that covers key information and concepts, including:

  • Weekly Training Modules
  • Infographics
  • Click Thinking Spotlights
  • Threat Spotting Sheets
  • Interactive Games
  • Training videos approved from the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) 

Week 1 – Be Cyber Smart

image2021-9-8 17:10:14.png

Focuses on general cyber hygiene to safeguard your organization's data.

Instructions for Week 1

Week 2 – Fight the Phish

image2021-9-8 17:11:55.png

Stresses the importance of being wary of emails, texts, or chat boxes that come from strangers.

Instructions for Week 2

Week 3 – Explore, Experience, Share


Highlights cybersecurity's impact on staffing, networking, and career development. 

Instructions for Week 3

Week 4 – Cyber Security First

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