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Barracuda Web Application Firewall

Deploying and Provisioning Barracuda CloudGen WAF on Microsoft Azure Stack

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Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud computing solution from Microsoft. Azure Stack. It helps organization run their workloads on a specialized hardware platform that shares a standard architecture, portal amongst a suite of other services with the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.

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Deployment Prerequisites

  1. A fully operational Azure Stack Hub deployment - To get started on the Azure Stack hub, refer to
  2. Access to the Azure Stack Hub Management portal
    1. Administrator Portal - is used for the managing the Azure Stack hub hardware
    2. User Portal - is used for running and managing workloads such as, deploying VMs and operating other Azure services.
      For more information refer to,
  3. Register Azure Stack Hub on the Azure portal: This is required for downloading the Azure Marketplace items onto the Azure Stack hub and setting up commerce data reporting back to Microsoft. It provides the mechanism for usage reporting that is visible under Azure Subscription. For more information about this refer to,


The following offerings of the Barracuda CloudGen WAF are available for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub deployment.

    • Barracuda CloudGen WAF (Bring-Your-Own-License)
    • Barracuda CloudGen WAF (Pay-As-You-Go)
  1. Download Marketplace Items from Azure. If the registration is successful, navigate to the Marketplace Management > Marketplace Items page. Click Add from Azure.
  2. In the Search textbox, type Barracuda Networks to get the list of available offerings.
  3. Select the required offering then click Download. Example: Barracuda Web Application Firewall(WAF) – BYOL.
  4. The status of the download is available in the portal. Once the download is complete, the offering is available under the Compute section for deployment. Also the downloaded image is visible in the Marketplace Management – Marketplace Items page.
  5. Deploy the VM.
    1. Configure the Basic Settings.
    2. Choose the virtual machine size.
    3. Configure the network settings under Configure options features page..
    4. View Summary of the configuration to validate the settings.
    5. From the Buy page, click Create.
  6. The Deployment in Progress page is displayed. Once the deployment is complete, proceed to configure and use the Barracuda WAF. Click here to get started.
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