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Barracuda XDR

Viewing Email Security Trends by Threat Level

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The Email Security  page displays two graphs that give you important information about email threat levels at a glance. You can quickly view threat level results on these two graphs:

  • Analysis Results
  • Analysis Results by Date

If you don't see the charts and graphs on the  Email Security  page, click the  Show Charts  link.

The Analysis Results Graph

Analysis Results.jpg

A graph shows the proportion of email threats of each threat level. You can click any section of this chart to create a quick filter.

To see the percentage of emails with a certain threat level
  1. In Barracuda XDR Dashboard, click IntelligenceEmail Security.
  2. In the Analysis Results graph, hover your cursor over one of the threat levels:
    • Neutral
    • Caution
    • Danger
Analysis Results by Date Graph

Date Graph.jpg

A line graph that shows the number of emails with each threat level that were received per day/hour.

The Analysis Results by Date graph changes if the page is filtered by date.