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Barracuda SecureEdge

Virtual Systems (VTx) Deployment

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Barracuda SecureEdge appliances are available as images for the most common hypervisors.

In order to guarantee optimal performance, Barracuda Networks highly recommends that the CPU of your hypervisor supports the AES-NI instruction set. However, SecureEdge units also work on hypervisors with CPUs that do not support the AES-NI instruction set, though the units are slower.

Virtual Appliances

Site performance up to...300 Mbps700 Mbps1.5 Gbps3.8 Gbps9.3 Gbps
Recommended no. of users50-100150-300300-10001000-40006000-9000
Concurrent sessions8000025000050000021000004000000
New session/s80001200020000115000190000
Licensed vCPUs24810up to 32
Virtual NICs5-16x5-16x5-16x5-16x5-16x

System Requirements

CPUMinimum Memory [GB]
The number of CPUs depends on the VT license (VT models)


RAM is not restricted by license. It is recommended to increase by at least 2 GB per added CPU core. 

Step 1. Complete Your Data in the VM Activation Form

This step is necessary only for the first time you use a virtual machine image.

  1. Go to and log in with your existing Barracuda Cloud Control account.

  2. Go to Infrastructure > VM Activation
  3. The VM Activation blade opens. Fill in your details, and click Save.

Step 2. Deploy the Virtual Machine Image on Your Hypervisor

If the Internet connection of the virtual appliance is secured by a firewall, verify that SSL Inspection is disabled.

  1. Go to and download the image for your hypervisor.
  2. Deploy the image on your hypervisor. For more information, see How to Deploy a SecureEdge VTx on Hyper-VHow to Deploy a SecureEdge VTx on KVM and How to Deploy a SecureEdge VTx OVA on VMware Hypervisors.