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Barracuda ECHOplatform

Initial Setup

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This section includes the following topics:

Task Overview

Prerequisite: Partners with an on-premise ConnectWise deployment must use ConnectWise version 2019.5.

For a successful integration you need to perform the following tasks in ConnectWise:

  • Create the Security role
  • Create an API member
  • Create Client ID and Client Secret API keys
  • Create a Management Solution
  • Create an Agreement Type
  • Create Agreements for ConnectWise Companies

Then, you need to perform the following tasks in ECHOplatform:

  • Enter ConnectWise Credentials
  • Map accounts, tickets and billing

Note: A partner may encounter a conflict linking an ECHOplatform account to a ConnectWise company when the Company ID field is already in use for an existing third-party integration. 

Partners can resolve a ConnectWise “Company ID” conflict by adding a custom field in the ConnectWise Company Overview page. See Adding Custom Fields to Link ECHOplatform Accounts to ConnectWise Companies.

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