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Click Thinking Content

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One click on a malicious link is all it takes to unleash the worst the Internet has to offer. Click Thinking content encourages users to think before they act, providing helpful examples and insights that make training and learning fun. It also covers a wide range of information security topics relevant to today’s security-aware companies.

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Phishing Careers

Released June 2019



Released May 2019


What is catfishing and how to detect it.

Executive Targeting

Released April 2019


A look at why senior executives are not immune to social engineering and phishing attacks.

Working from Home

Released January 2019


Informs employees about safety while working from home.

Web Browsing and Work

Released December 2018


Informs employees about the risks and ramifications of browsing the web at work.

Internet of Things

Released November 2018

Alerts viewers to the risks of using internet-connected devices.

Public Wi-Fi

Released September 2018

A look at the risks of using public Wi-Fi and ways to protect yourself.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Released August 2018

Examines risks to using one device for both personal and business purposes.

Professional Networking

Released July 2018

Tips to protect you and your company when networking professionally.


Released June 2018

Explores the dangers of downloading apps from the Internet.

Vishing and Smishing

Released May 2018

A closer look at the practices of voice phishing (Vishing) and text phishing (SMiShing) with an emphasis on protecting business.

Personal and Physical Security

Released April 2018

We focus on personal and physical security concepts using fun personas to identify the types of tactics cybercriminals use to gain access to secure areas.

Travel and Out of Office

Released March 2018

An in-depth look at cybersecurity threats that can arise during business travel and ways to protect your data and company network while on the road.

Business Email Compromise

Released February 2018

We examine how cybercriminals pull off business email compromise scams in an engaging and stylish comic-style format.


Personally Identifiable Information

Released January 2018

A look at what qualifies as personally identifiable information (PII) and how cybercriminals use it to commit crimes like identify theft.


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